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Welcome to iManage. Where your Success Is Our Success.

Hello! Your path to making knowledge work better across your organization with iManage Cloud starts here. With the assistance of the experts on your iManage team and those of your implementation partner, you can relax — you’ve got this!

Soon you and your colleagues will unlock the expertise and experience that already exists inside your company. This will drive higher value business outcomes for all your stakeholders, including employees, partners, and clients.

But first things first. We invite you to watch the short, introductory video below, and then explore the many resources available to support you in successfully launching and adopting iManage Cloud as quickly and easily as possible.

Watch video below.

Take a Quick Look at Your Path Ahead

To put you on a path to success with iManage Cloud, we’ll work with your implementation partner to ensure both of us are at your side every step of the way. We’ll also guide you in creating employee training and change management programs, as well as new policies and processes surrounding the use of our technology.

The five stages to adoption

Together, we’ll follow a proven five-stage methodology that has resulted in successful deployments for thousands of customers worldwide. Please take a moment to read through each step to get a sense of where your implementation is heading and how you’ll get there.

Stage 1: Initiate

This is the jumping off point for you and your implementation team. It’s when we all meet to define your organization’s goals, the project scope, roles and responsibilities, business outcomes, and success metrics.

Stage 2: Design

During this phase, we’ll work with you on several key tasks. Among them: analyze your specific requirements; create a workspace design; prepare for third-party integrations, if applicable; complete a cloud-readiness checklist; and plan user training.

Stage 3: Optimize

Your day one countdown begins here. It’s when we ensure your teams and systems are ready for liftoff. Together we’ll double-check that your baseline data migration, testing, and optimization are done. We’ll also prepare a complete plan for organization and user communications, plus post-launch user support.

Stage 4: Launch

This is when your switchover to iManage Cloud happens. A smooth launch is the payoff for all the careful preparations by you and your internal implementation team. Rest assured that our team of experts will be there to assist you, ready to identify and eliminate any friction points that may appear.

Stage 5: Adopt and evolve

Now, with your launch behind you, we’ll give you a hand with user adoption and utilization. Our goal is that 100 percent of your users are quickly able to get the most from iManage, making it second nature in their day-to-day work. Training and ongoing communications are key here.

We've got you covered

From this point on, we’ll handle automated desktop updates and cloud maintenance, so your people can focus on their business priorities and driving better business outcomes.

Of course we’ll be available to support and monitor your system and the security of all your data and intellectual property. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the health and performance of your iManage system via the iManage Cloud Trust Center, which we explain more about in the video below. 


Explore These Additional Resources to Ensure Your Success

Your success is our #1 priority. We offer you a wide range of resources listed below to get started on the right foot. We encourage you to invest time in checking each out.