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Gilead Legal supports the biopharmaceutical giant’s mission of developing innovative new treatments for life-limiting illness. It describes data as the “crown jewels” of the organization and wanted to take greater control of document management to free up the IT team to focus on other activities. After conducting rigorous security checks, Gilead migrated to iManage Work 10 in the Cloud, making data more accessible and accelerating time-to-market.

The challenge

As a hub of sensitive company information, Gilead Legal plays a pivotal role in accelerating Gilead’s mission. Its team of legal experts need to be able to find knowledge quickly and collaborate effectively.

“Our legal team works in the document management system (DMS) from initial draft through to final copy,” said Brien Bergner, Manager, Legal Operations at Gilead. “Document management plays a huge role in the work they do.”

The solution

The team decided to migrate document management to the cloud, also taking the opportunity to simplify its security model. But before migrating to the cloud, Gilead Legal needed to demonstrate to the IT team that data would be secure.

“Data is the crown jewels of Gilead’s business. When the IT team asked us to do an extensive security review of iManage, it cleared those hurdles effortlessly,” said Bergner.

Business outcomes

Gilead rolled out iManage Work 10 in the Cloud during the 2020 pandemic, enabling the company to pivot seamlessly to working from home. The cloud solution allowed the team to onboard employees anywhere in the world quickly and easily, as well as automating time-consuming processes.

“iManage gives us so much robust functionality,"  said Bergner. "It’s a real benefit being able to focus a particular feature set to help a particular team be more productive.”

Rich features, combined with the intuitive look and feel of the platform, helped to drive user adoption and engagement, and the IT team has far fewer support calls to handle.

“iManage provides world-class data security. We feel comfortable that when we’re collaborating on matters, our documents are secure, and only the right people can access sensitive information,” said Bergner. “Ultimately, it helps us support the wider business and accelerates getting new healthcare innovations to market.”

Download the full case study below.

Gilead Case Study

Gilead Case Study

Learn how the legal team made data more accessible, secure, and accelerated time-to-market.

<strong>Brien Bergner</strong>, Manager, Legal Operations, Gilead

iManage provides world-class data security. Ultimately, it helps us support the wider business and accelerates getting new healthcare innovations to market.

Brien Bergner, Manager, Legal Operations, Gilead






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