The best of both worlds with iManage and Microsoft

Neil Araujo
CEO and co-founder, iManage
Before becoming iManage CEO, Neil was responsible for thought leadership and product strategies.
18 June 2021

At iManage, we are proud to be partnering with Microsoft to deliver enhanced value for our customers. With Microsoft Azure as the new global platform for iManage Cloud and our extended integration with Microsoft 365, our commitment to Making Knowledge Work™ is stronger than ever. I wanted to share a few of the ways that iManage and Microsoft are better together:

Secure document management in Microsoft Teams

For an overwhelming majority of our users, iManage and Microsoft are some of their biggest technology investments. By working more closely together, iManage and Microsoft can offer a superior end user experience. Many knowledge workers who already rely on our integration with Microsoft Outlook can now have similar functionality using Microsoft Teams, a tool that has become a daily essential as many offices switched to working remotely in 2020. With the new iManage app for Teams, users have easy access to iManage Work files from within the Teams interface. Now, users can search for iManage documents in Teams, content from iManage can be included in Teams communications, and Teams conversations/content can be filed to iManage workspaces. Communicate and share documents with colleagues efficiently and securely with this integration.

Frictionless editing and co-authoring in iManage Work

Thanks to an enhanced integration with Microsoft 365, we are excited to offer a re-defined editing and co-authoring experience in iManage Work. Editing in Work is now as easy as editing in OneDrive—you can simply open the document and start making changes as needed. Changes are saved instantly so reviewers can see updates right away and documents are automatically checked back in when users are done. We know that excessive versioning can be a challenge, so editors can now control whether to overwrite the existing version or edit as a new version. If an accidental overwrite occurs, users can easily recover their lost edits. Enjoy a streamlined editing and co-authoring experience with the same security and governance you’ve come to expect from iManage.

Enhanced availability, reliability, and security with Microsoft Azure

Making Azure the platform for the iManage Cloud allows us to serve new regions with local datacenters, enabling us to meet data residency requirements, improve performance for end users, and provide the same uptime across the areas we serve.

Additionally, we are leveraging several security capabilities available in Azure. With Azure Key Vault, you can create your own customer-managed encryption keys for your documents and no one, including iManage personnel, can have access to that content without the key. Azure Conditional Access gives you peace of mind by controlling which devices, domains, and users have access to particular content. Microsoft Information Protection makes collaborating easier by allowing you to maintain iManage security even if the document is accessed outside of iManage Work. With Azure as the platform for iManage Cloud, you can rest assured that accessing your firm and client documents will be more reliable and secure than ever before.

Better Together

iManage and Microsoft working more closely together means you get the best of both worlds. Knowledge workers deal with a large volume of highly sensitive information every day, which is why it is essential for secure document management to work seamlessly with the email and messaging tools that you rely on to communicate with your colleagues. With the iManage and Microsoft partnership, you get exactly that.

iManage and Microsoft are better together. I’m thrilled by our enhanced partnership and look forward to Making Knowledge Work™, together, for our users. 

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