iManage milestones celebrate customers making knowledge work

Neil Araujo
CEO and co-founder, iManage
Before becoming iManage CEO, Neil was responsible for thought leadership and product strategies.
11 February 2022

In the face of continuing adversity experienced the world over, iManage is grateful to its customers and partners for a year worthy of reflection and celebration.

Our efforts to do more, to be better, are fueled by the users of our solutions who turn up every day from offices, homes, and other locations to continue making knowledge work for their organizations. Both our users and the many partners who work with us to serve them drive us ever forward in these challenging times to unlock success for our customers.

Acknowledging this debt, we are pleased to share iManage milestones and moments of truth, 2021.

The year in numbers and cloud momentum

1 Million+ professionals rely on iManage to unlock knowledge and achieve better business outcomes

3700+ organizations worldwide use our game-changing iManage solutions

1700+ iManage clients have chosen iManage Cloud

Cloud maturity has been a significant milestone, with iManage Cloud now the biggest part of the iManage business. Our new bookings in the cloud grew 94 percent, year-over-year. We added 397 new customers to the cloud in 2021, including AMLAW 100 firms, Magic Circle firms, large financial institutions in the US and APAC, and several Fortune 500 companies. We are delighted that iManage is the cloud of choice in our industry by more than a 3:1 margin.

Two clear takeaways behind those numbers are that: a) Cloud has become mainstream, and b) iManage Cloud is winning the business of organizations of all stripes — including some of the most complex and sophisticated cloud customers on the planet.

A recently published Bloomberg law article outlines the journey taken by Shearman and Sterling, a large, multinational, New Yorkbased firm with a distinguished 150-year history, to the iManage Cloud. The narrative, co-authored by myself and Meredith Williams-Range, Chief Knowledge and Client Value Officer, Shearman & Sterling, underscores the view that cloud migration is a means to achieve specific goals or outcomes for the firm; outcomes that should reflect the firm’s unique needs, goals, technological maturity, and progress on the path to digital transformation.

And — although the recent ILTA survey reported that cloud mindset momentum is clearly trending to "Cloud First,” and we can surmise that 2022 may indeed be the tipping point of "when" not "if " for organizations to join the cloud migration — we are resolute in our belief that moving to the cloud should not be an end in itself, but rather a means to a better way forward.

"We are delighted that iManage is the cloud of choice in our industry by more than a 3:1 margin"

iManage CEO, Neil Araujo

Customer excitement spurs future investment

I’ve noticed a tangible increase in the levels of excitement that I feel from customers when they deploy our software today, compared with 10 years ago. This tells me that — when we reimagined Work 10 with user adoption in mind, betting that a seamless, intuitive experience was the key to success — the gamble paid off, for both iManage and our customers.

Our ongoing investments are also carefully considered to increase the value our end users gain from their relationship with iManage. Using Closing Folders as an example, we’ve had some significant and very large global deployments in the legal, financial services, and accounting sectors in 2021. These are organizations that enabled a hybrid workforce to work better during a pandemic — taking advantage of user receptivity to change to improve how knowledge work gets done. Expansion within our existing accounts was equally compelling, with a 28 percent increase in active users and a 36 percent increase in active deals.

To guide us in future investment, we have developed a set of four principles:

Guiding Principle 1: Continue to invest to build the most modern, scalable, and secure cloud platform.

Guiding Principle 2: Invest strategically in capabilities that enable our customers to do more with their data in the cloud.

Guiding Principle 3: Invest in helping our customers achieve their desired business outcomes.

Guiding Principle 4: Enable our partners and customers to change and take advantage of the current market context to grow their businesses.

Thoughts on the year ahead

Guiding Principles in hand, we are more energized, and more excited, than ever before. As 2022 begins, rest assured that we are working to continue the momentum of 2021. We are redoubling our focus on providing unmatched support to customers, partners, and prospects with innovative solutions, valuable and engaging content, and a robust community benefits that you can rely on to unlock your success because your success is our success.

And, as the leading cloud vendor in our market we are committed to working closely with our partners to ensure we continue to build a successful customer base. We embrace the opportunity that lies in front of us and welcome you to join us on the journey that is only just beginning.

I leave you with some further landmarks and milestones that made for a successful 2021 and moments which motivate us greatly for the year ahead. 


iManage rebrand delivers a unified and contemporary look and feel with a commitment to supporting Making Knowledge Work.

Forrester's Total Economic Impact Study reports that iManage Work delivers 378 percent ROI and provides $4.37M in benefits over 3 years.


Responding to research, iManage reveals its Making Knowledge Work vision to help organizations sharpen strategies for enabling their professionals to connect with, activate, use, and retain critical knowledge across their businesses.

iManage integrates S&P Global Market Intelligence data into its platform, giving legal and professional services firms powerful insights that mitigate risk.


Crain's includes iManage in its 2021 Best Places to Work in Chicago.


ConnectLive, the annual iManage event for customers and partners, boasts record attendance, featuring how Making Knowledge Work drives better business outcomes.

iManage announces standardization on Microsoft Azure for its cloud platform, leveraging integration with Azure Key services and Microsoft Information Protection.

KMWorld names iManage one of the 100 Companies That Matter In Knowledge Management in 2021, for the fourth consecutive year.


iManage achieves Level 2 Security Trust Assurance and Risk (STAR) Certification from the Cloud Security Alliance.

Alex Smith, iManage Global Product Lead for KM and AI, is named 2021 Fastcase 50 Award Honoree and recognized as one of 50 innovators, visionaries, and leaders in law.


New cloud services for comprehensive risk management allows customers to choose between on-prem or cloud deployment across the iManage security and risk portfolio.

Linklaters selects iManage as their global platform for document, email management and collaboration, making iManage the document management system of choice for all five UK "Magic Circle" firms.

iManage launches extended integration with DocuSign eSignature to enhance security and authentication in legal transactions.

iManage releases its cloud milestones and market growth announcement, including having 46 percent of all customers in the iManage Cloud.


iManage helps firms secure their data in an evolving threat landscape with enhancements across its entire security, risk, and governance portfolio.


KMWorld selects iManage as the Readers' Choice Award Winner for Best Document Management Solution.

KMWorld recognizes iManage as its 2021 KMPromise Award Winner for providing innovative technology solutions for implementing and integrating knowledge management practices into their business processes with positive business results.

iManage Cloud: Readying you for the future

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