Five ways to integrate iManage work and Microsoft Teams

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08 April 2020

As organizations move to a work from home model, many are implementing Microsoft Teams in an effort to improve communication and collaboration for remote workers.

This approach has several advantages, but it introduces the risk of creating a new silo of information, leading to version control and governance challenges. Integrating Teams with iManage Work enables you to maintain a single source of truth for documents and emails, while supporting remote collaboration.

Microsoft Teams & iManage Work

The video below details five ways you can easily integrate iManage Work into your Teams environment to make users more productive and secure. This approach offers users the quickest path to access matter-specific content in Teams, and ensures that content remains in a secure and governed environment. This saves users time, gets them to their matter content faster, and ensures that your organization maintains a single source of truth for important documents and emails.

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