12 questions legal operations should ask when evaluating DMS vendors

Heidi Hanson
03 May 2023

A traditional enterprise approach to email and document management often falls short of meeting the specialized requirements of legal professionals. When planning a change, what can you learn about prospective providers to help you make the right choice?

If your organization plans to update, evaluate, or implement a new document management system (DMS) in the next 12 months, you may find value in reading our article in the 8th Annual Directory of Leading Legal Technology and Project Management Solutions (CCBJ 2023 Technology Review). The questions raised in this article are designed to help readers consider the unique capabilities of leading DMS providers and determine how well they match the specific functional requirements of legal professionals.

Questions run the gamut, including getting specifics on how the solution differentiates itself from an enterprise DMS, what functionality it includes that enables legal professionals to be more productive and responsive to business demands, whether or not the DMS supports email and integrations with the other legal tech your team uses frequently, and how much IT involvement is required to support the implementation and ongoing maintenance of the solution. We hope you find it useful.

The CCBJ guide serves a large audience looking for information and advice on bringing new and innovative solutions into their corporate environment. It includes articles from numerous subject matter experts representing multiple industries and solutions within the legal ecosystem.

Please look for the article, 12 questions legal operations should ask when evaluating DMS vendors, on the CCBJ website. Happy reading!

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