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We help you prosper by transforming your business content and communications into high-value knowledge.

Giving you the power to make knowledge work

iManage has earned its place as the industry standard technology provider for knowledge workers globally. Anywhere work is happening, iManage is providing meaningful context while upholding security and governance for the data under your care. 

As a company, our aim is to open limitless possibilities to advance the cause of making knowledge work for the benefit of people, business, and society. Along with our platform, we are democratizing innovation in this space by building a vibrant ecosystem of customers, partners, and integrations specifically focused on knowledge work — the nuanced, divergent thinking that creates value.

Our unique artificial intelligence and governance approaches provide the confidence needed to imagine a bold future. Free the knowledge workers in your organization to transcend the mundane, creating time and energy to make a difference in work and in our communities.


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Our story 

iManage was founded in 1995 and initially merged with Interwoven in 2003. Interwoven was then acquired by Autonomy, who were in turn acquired by HP. On July 21, 2015, iManage announced a management buyout of the company from HP. The independent iManage is now a market share leader rapidly gaining momentum since the buyout from HP and poised to reassert its thought leadership and expand into new markets.

Unlike simple file sharing and collaboration tools, iManage delivers content management that is purpose built for professional work and is comprehensive, intuitive, ready to go, governed and trusted.

Headquartered in Chicago, iManage is a management-owned company with over 750 employees.

The industry leaders behind our company

Our management team consists of executives with decades of experience managing global teams to deliver solutions for complex challenges with artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies. 

How we're delivering value 


working hours saved in 6 months (Forrester, 2020)


ROI with average payback in less than 6 months (Forrester 2020)


in risk-adjusted net present value (NPV) (Forrester, 2020)

Our values

 At iManage we're committed to ensuring our organization is truly the best place to work and that all our employees are passionate people that want to create something great, not just go to work. Our five values underpin this commitment and shape the culture of the business.

Respect for people 

We treat each other, customers, and partners like we would expect to be treated. Empathy and appreciation for diversity of backgrounds is paramount.

Customers matter most 

If the customer succeeds, then the company succeeds. We strive to know, understand, and appreciate our end users alongside delivering outcomes.

Hunger for learning 

Learning requires the humility to acknowledge our own limitations, so we can interactively explore, experiment and simply get better at what we do.

Taking ownership 

Colleagues that can be trusted to execute precisely, exercise sound judgement, meet commitments, ask for help, and communicate clearly.

Courage and commitment 

Protecting and building our culture is the job of every single employee. We encourage people to speak up and hold each other accountable.

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