Proactive, Policy-Based Email Security to Protect the Legal Enterprise

See how iManage and Workshare, working together, are delivering industry-leading data loss prevention for the legal work product.

Simplifying Security for the Legal CISO

In this white paper, we break down the challenges facing the legal CISO — what you need to consider and how you can take advantage of the latest technology for a proactive approach to securing legal email and work product.

Protect against email-based risk

Misaddressed email is a major cause of data security incidents, according to the Information Commissioners Office, UK. And for today’s legal CISO, that risk is greater than ever with an increasingly mobile, work-from-anywhere team to monitor.

Two industry leaders — iManage and Workshare — have integrated their solutions to help you:

  • Block emails that do not conform to outside counsel guidelines
  • Stop emails from being sent to the wrong recipient accidentally
  • Automatically clean sensitive, hidden metadata from content prior to sending
  • Identify external and internal “bad actors” and threats faster and more accurately
  • Manage and create “need-to-know” security at scale

The right combination to secure your enterprise

Together, iManage and Workshare have integrated best-in-class security solutions for the legal enterprise. Combine security for your document management system and email collaboration, so the work product is always protected.

Use a proactive, policy-based security and data loss prevention model.


  • Comprehensive, secure document and email management
  • Manage need-to-know security and ethical walls at scale based on policy
  • Send emails only to approved recipients (policy and audit trail)
  • Identify and neutralize internal and external threats quickly and accurately


  • Stop misaddressed (or out-of-policy) emails
  • PDF conversion of email attachments
  • Send email only to approved recipients (enforcement)
  • Automatic metadata cleansing of email attachments

Powerful security partnership

Whether it’s inadvertent exposure from employees or malicious attacks from outside, the security challenges facing today’s legal CISO aren’t getting any easier. See how iManage and Workshare can bring simplicity to security with a proactive, policy-based approach.

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