iManage Work

Work More Productively on Any Device From Anywhere

iManage Work is the industry’s leading document and email management application, empowering professionals to manage information more productively and securely. iManage Work 10 adds powerful new capabilities to deliver a more intuitive, consumer-like user experience.

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iManage Work 10 enables professionals and organizations to respond to business demands in a more agile and productive way. Relied on globally by leading corporations, law firms, and professional services firms, iManage Work is used by over 1 million professionals worldwide every day.

iManage Work 10 is built from the ground up with a comprehensive focus on the user experience. iManage interviewed and studied hundreds of professionals doing daily tasks to design and deliver best-in-class document and email management.


Single user experience across devices improves productivity and increases adoption.


  • A simple modern user interface mirrors consumer applications like Amazon and Google, with intuitive features that work the way users want to work and requires minimal training.
  • A mobile-first user experience enables users to work from anywhere on any device, with a consistent interface, to be more agile and responsive to business demands.
  • Personalized Search cuts through the clutter and delivers more accurate results by remembering what the user searches for and how they work.
    A simple and powerful search interface enables easy navigation of results, with customized views built on past activity.
  • Innovative collaboration features enable users to follow their project team’s content in real time. Using modern social media paradigms, professionals can contribute across multiple teams easily and increase collaboration and overall productivity of the entire firm.
  • Secure collaboration with clients and outside counsel. iManage Share enables secure, governed content sharing and collaborative workspaces, all with single-click setup.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use tools to drive user adoption. iManage Drive lets professionals use the familiar Windows Explorer interface to access documents, work offline, then automatically sync their work once they reconnect.

Smart features help professionals be more productive

Intuitive visual dashboards and timelines enhance productivity.

iManage Work 10 delivers a number of smart features that anticipate
user needs and enable them to work intuitively and productively. For example, iManage Work displays document history in visual dashboards and Facebook-like timelines, so users can identify changes at a glance. It analyzes and predicts user actions, with smart document previews, suggested filing locations, and flexible work folders.

Manage content and communications together

Email is the primary communication and collaboration tool for many professionals. iManage Work consolidates emails and documents into a single project or matter file, so all relevant materials are saved and accessible. This matter-centric approach ensures that important information that would typically
be locked away in individual email in-boxes is now shared and governed in the project file.

Work in Microsoft Office and Outlook

iManage Work is seamlessly integrated with the tools professionals use every day, including Microsoft Office, Office 365, Outlook, Gmail, and more. Documents are saved directly into iManage Work with the Save icon in Office, and the system automatically suggests filing locations for emails and saves them with a single click.

Deploy in the iManage Cloud or on-premises

iManage Work is available as installed software or as a SaaS service in the iManage cloud. The iManage Cloud enhances organizational agility with rapid deployment, automated updates, and the ability to quickly add new functionality as needed. iManage Cloud enables law firms and legal departments to realize the benefits of industry-leading reliability, scalability, and agility while staying focused on the business.

Industry-leading security

iManage Work delivers market- leading security protections for all information assets. Security is set by project or client, and automatically applied across all documents or email. All information is encrypted to ensure the highest levels of protection and compliance with client requirements and regulatory policies. All iManage products are designed to provide comprehensive, pervasive, and unobtrusive security and governance.

The iManage Platform

Work is one application on the iManage Work Product Management platform, a single platform designed to empower professionals to work more productively, work smarter, and work safer. The iManage platform delivers a modern user experience, advanced architecture built for
the cloud, and integrated Artificial Intelligence functionality. It includes iManage’s industry-leading Security, Governance, and Risk products, as well as transformational iManage RAVN AI capabilities.

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Key Benefits

  • Work productively: Manage documents and emails more efficiently and intuitively
  • Work from anywhere: Mobile-first design lets users work remotely on any device
  • Find anything: Smart search cuts through clutter to deliver personalized results
  • Work smarter: Streamline everyday tasks like emailing documents and saving work to custom folders
  • Work seamlessly: Integrations with Office 365 enable users to do more from inside the familiar Office and Outlook interfaces
  • Work Safer: Industry-leading security and governance ensures that iManage Work is the safest place to store information


Document + Email Management

  • iManage Work: Secure document and email management
  • iManage Share: Secure, governed file sharing, and collaboration
  • iManage Drive: Easy-to-use interface to iManage Work

RAVN Artificial Intelligence

  • iManage Extract: Automatic extraction of critical business information from large volumes of documents and unstructured data sets
  • iManage Insight: Enterprise content search and analysis

Security + Information Governance