iManage Work

Work More Productively on Any Device From Anywhere

Today’s professionals, demand easy-to-use, productivity-enhancing tools, that support new ways of working and meet the ever-increasing needs for governance and data protection. iManage Work is the industry’s leading email and document management application, empowering professionals to create, manage and collaborate on all work product from anywhere on any device in single user experience, turning lost time into productive time.

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iManage Work includes “smart” features such as personalized search, document timelines and intelligent worklists that enable professionals to work the way they want to work, based on research with input from hundreds of professionals. Available in the iManage Cloud or on-premise, iManage Work introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) ready functionality for future AI integrations- turning the traditional Document Management System (DMS) into a powerful content-aware platform.

Relied on globally by leading legal, accounting and financial firms and their corresponding corporate departments, iManage Work is used by over 1 million professionals worldwide every day.


Single user experience across devices improves productivity and increases adoption.


Designed by users for users

iManage Work is built from the ground up-, with a comprehensive focus on the user experience. iManage interviewed and studied hundreds of professionals doing daily tasks to create the best-in-class Work Product Management platform.

  • A single, mobile-first user experience ensures that you can learn the software once and have a consistent experience across phone, tablet and desktop— enabling you to work from anywhere and stay productive on-the-go.
  • Simple and intuitive user-interface leverages metaphors you already know through your use of common Internet applications, thus reducing your learning curve and increasing adoption.
  • Personalized Search quickly cuts through the clutter and locates relevant information in less time using machine learning and data analytics. A simple, yet powerful search interface with filtering enables easy navigation of large result sets, creation of complex queries for future use and personalized results based on your past behavior.
  • Innovative collaboration features enable users to follow their project team’s content in real time. Using modern social media paradigms, professionals can contribute across multiple teams easily and increase collaboration and overall productivity of the entire firm.

Manage communications and content, securely, in unified workspaces

Email is the primary work product and means of collaboration for many professionals. With iManage Work, you can manage emails and document attachments side by side with other work product, improving productivity and saving valuable billable time. Easily secure your work content by encrypting all aspects of the file including thumbnails and different versions without changing the client application or interrupting the user. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365, Gmail and Lotus Notes makes emails that are typically isolated in individual in-boxes part of the shared and governed engagement file. iManage Work also speeds the filing process by learning your filing habits and suggesting appropriate locations or devices without the typical delays in moving emails, or automatically filing emails based on conversations. Integration with other leading productivity tools, including Adobe Acrobat, and enterprise portals, such as Microsoft SharePoint, further extends the productivity benefits of iManage Work.

Quickly respond to client and regulatory demands

iManage Work native integration with iManage Security Policy Manager (SPM) and iManage Records Manager(IRM), enables organizations to respond quickly to client demands for greater document security and governance by providing flexible ways to work with ethical walls, implementing need-to know security at scale and managing physical and electronic records side by side — all from within a single UI.

Work in Microsoft Office, Office 365 Outlook and more

iManage Work fully integrates with Microsoft Office, including Office 365. Manage emails and documents, even client collaboration—all from within the familiar Outlook folders. Incoming emails are analyzed and, based on analytics, the system suggests a filing location, so you can file emails with just a single click. Previously filed emails are clearly marked, so you don’t waste time filing what your colleagues have already filed. You save files directly into iManage from the “save” command in Office and Office 365.

Support for co-authoring allows you to checkout a document for co-authoring and invite specific individuals to contribute, ensuring that one individual has complete control over the versioning process. Collaboration is quick, efficient and audited in the original document.

Share securely with internal and external collaborators

Add iManage Share to iManage Work and enable your project teams to collaborate with internal or external parties quickly and easily. Replace risky emails and attachments with secure, governed links to content; create collaborative workspaces that appear as folders inside the matter file and with a single click set up and share information with a client from inside the iManage Work interface.

Simplify Administration and Enhance IT Agility

iManage Work includes iManage Control Center with a web-based administrative console to manage most core functionality, from anywhere across any device, including user and group management, recovering overwritten or deleted documents, and standard reporting to improve your organization’s agility and reduce costs.

Deploy in the iManage Cloud or on-premises

iManage Work is available in the iManage Cloud, the first and only cloud service to bring proven technology relied upon by Internet leaders such as Google, Facebook and Twitter to the professional community for document and email management.

Cloud users benefit with continuous upgrades, zero downtime for maintenance, extensive scalability and sustainable performance from anywhere, integrated analytics to intelligently monitor and protect all data from unauthorized or malicious access, and data encryption for data at rest and in motion using customer managed encryption keys.

Part of iManage Work Product Management

iManage Work is part of the iManage Work Product Management platform, a set of robust applications built on top of common communications, administration, web services and other resources enabling you to quickly deploy and implement iManage within your organization.

The iManage platform features:

  • Common REST API for easier cloud-cloud integration
  • Common services including OCR, previewing and RAVN search indexing technologies
  • Unified administration – iManage Control Center
  • Extensibility and agility deliver to the iManage cloud with continuous innovation and development
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  • Eradicate human error on contract analysis
  • Increase the speed of these tasks by several magnitudes
  • Staff can also be re-deployed to more productive and rewarding tasks, leading to improved morale
  • Risk is mitigated as the whole contract estate can be reviewed instead of using a common random sampling method, often traditionally used when trying to reduce workloads


Document + Email Management

RAVN Artificial Intelligence

  • iManage Extract: Automatic extraction of critical business information from large volumes of documents and unstructured data sets
  • iManage Insight: Enterprise content search and analysis
  • iManage Classify: Intelligent categorization of large volumes of business data

Security + Information Governance