Workspace Management



Simplify the generation, management and governance of iManage Work workspaces and their associated templates. RBRO's Workspace Management allows for total administrative control of iManage Work workspace structures through an intuitive visual interface and ensures that workspaces maintain the same structure as their associated templates.

Unique Differentiators/Features

  • On a scheduled or adhoc basis, automatically generate new workspaces based on pre-configured data definitions and templates, or pulled from multiple external or internal sources
  • Create new workspace templates based on existing templates or any existing workspace
  • Associate existing workspaces with Workspace Management templates for easy updates
  • Easily change or update workspace structures, security and metadata across multiple libraries
  • Automatically move sub-folders and their files from one folder to another
  • Maintain the structure, profile and security of workspaces so that they consistently match their assigned template
  • Update metadata and security on workspaces, folders and documents not associated with a template
  • Easily merge duplicate workspaces based on specific criteria

Licensing Model: Based On Seat Count, In Tiers

Target Market: All IManage Work Clients Who Wish To Be Able To Easily Manage Their Workspace Generation And Updates

Customers: Law firms, corporate legal departments, financial services, accounting, other professional services

iManage Solution: iManage Work, iManage Work 10 compatible

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