Transport - Auxiliary Cache



Transport - Auxiliary Cache enables a secure on-premise or cloud-based repository to host a continuously updated copy of information from iManage Cloud or iManage on-premise repositories, providing for read-only direct access to facilitate operations not normally available. It can also act as an independent backup for additional assurance.

Unique Differentiators/Features

  • Monitor for changes on the iManage repository
  • Copy content, relevant metadata and security to the Auxiliary Cache repository
  • Notifies administrators of important events related to data coming from iManage
  • Ensures the Auxiliary Cache repository accurately represents content from the cloud
  • Facilitates validation requests from administrators for ranges of documents
  • Enables administrators to generate a range of reports about the content of the Auxiliary Cache respository

Licensing Model: Based on document size and number of libraries.

Target Market: iManage on-premise and cloud customers

Customers: Law firms, corporate legal departments, financial services, accounting, other professional services

iManage Solution: iManage Work, iManage Cloud

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