TEC Auto-Import



TEC Auto-Import is a server application which reads specific pre-determined information (e.g. case and matter numbers) to find metadata and automatically import it into the relevant iManage Work workspace. When a file is added to a specific folder, TEC Auto-Import will also import it into iManage Work. There, using predefined rules, all sorts of basic routing tasks can be applied to the document automatically.

Unique Differentiators/Features

TEC Auto-Import is a windows-based service that imports documents without any requirement for user input. Configuration file enables multiple locations to be monitored for new content to be created. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with network document scanners that will create new documents in these monitored locations and have a specific set of meta data applied to them.

Licensing Model: One-off purchase, no ongoing maintenance required

Target Market: Legal

Customers: All

iManage Solution:

Product URL: https://www.tigereyeconsulting.com/solution/tec?tools/