Prosperoware Cloud Migrator



Cloud Migrator - Efficiently migrate content from on-premises to iManage Cloud

Cloud Migrator accelerates and vastly improves the process of migrating content from on-premises content systems such as iManage, eDocs, Sharepoint file shares plus others to iManage Cloud. With a unique approach for moving content and an easy to use interface, it provides the much-needed tool for small or large migration projects with reduced effort.

Some of the key elements of Cloud Migrator include:

  • Data synchronization approach based on an ETL architecture to significantly reduce lost time;
  • Simplified and expedited migration: out-of-the-box migration without complicated scripting for iManage Work 8.5 to 10.x databases;
  • Scalable and flexible: the wizard style interface allowing configuration of migration;
  • Instantaneous feedback: easy-to-see progress & counts;
  • Detailed logging to quickly diagnose problems;
  • Built for resilience with job start, stop and restart capabilities;
  • Speed: automatic handling of common errors;
  • Migration flexibility: small databases (migrate at once) and large databases (multiple, complex migrations) including delta support.

With these built-in capabilities, Cloud Migrator provides the prime solution to some of the typical industry’s concerns and challenges of moving content.


Unique Differentiators/Features

Founded by industry experts from iManage, we offer a comprehensive range of iManage add-ons that help firms drive lawyer adoption, streamline administration, and implement need-to-know security. We’ve created a suite of products that help drive the full matter management lifecycle, from workspace automation and management through import/export, self-service, integration, and information governance all the way through retention. We understand lawyers, law firms, document management, and, most certainly, iManage. Our products are used by more than 270 firms across the globe ranging in size from 10 to 15,000 users. We have set the gold standard.

Licensing Model: Subscription Or Perpetual, Per User

Target Market: iManage Users, Law Firms, Corporate Legal, Professional Services, and Other Organizations

Customers: More Than 300,000 Users Across 270 Organizations

iManage Solution: Work 10; Universal API

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