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A quick and simple scanning solution is the answer for a wide range of user needs or preferences. With Scanback, the user simply places their stamp on the first page of the document, then scans it. Press one button at any copier / MFP. The stamp identifies the user and their automatic Scanback instructions to process and deliver the scan back to them... Scanback!

Unique Differentiators/Features

  • A simple stamp, not a coversheet
  • Works with any model MFP / copier
  • One-button, any machine, no typing
  • Automated routing based on user preferences
  • Scan first workflows

Licensing Model: Per-seat

Target Market: 1. Law Firms 2. Corporate Legal Departments


iManage Solution: iManage Work10, iManage Cloud, iManage Desksite, iManage Worksite

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