Postmark Print



Postmark Print adds a small printed Postmark bar code to the corner of a document whenever any electronic document already filed in iManage gets printed. The unique Postmark is a two-dimensional data matrix barcode that connects the printed hard copy with the electronic file in iManage. After the paper document is used, it can then be destroyed instead of filed at any stage of the paper lifecycle. Additionally, hand notated paper documents can be scanned as-is, the Postmark will automatically save the notations into the client/matter folder in iManage.

Unique Differentiators/Features

  • Seamlessly integrates with iManage Work10, iManage Cloud and iManage legacy versions (Desksite and Worksite).
  • Reduces a firm’s paper burden by more than 50% while driving adoption of iManage.
  • Reduces storage of paper documents and associated costs, risk and operational inefficiencies.
  • Auto-files hand-written attorney notes.
  • Enables remote/smartphone retrieval and mobile quality control via Postmark Mobile, sold separately.

Licensing Model: Per-seat

Target Market: 1. Law Firms 2. Corporate Legal Departments


iManage Solution: iManage Work10, iManage Cloud, iManage Desksite, iManage Worksite

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