MAC (Move, Archive, Consolidate) by Prosperoware



Move, archive, copy, or consolidate documents, workspaces, libraries and databases. The need to move, copy, archive, and consolidate content across databases is part of proper information governance. Regardless of complexity, these operations need to occur within a limited service window with existing folder structures preserved.

Milan MAC provides a software that gets the job done – quickly, consistently, and cost-effectively. It can integrate with time and billing or records management systems to perform regular archiving of closed engagements to meet retention policies. For larger projects, it’s fast and efficient; under the right conditions it’s able to consolidate 1 million documents in about an hour.

Key Features

  • Moves content, documents, folders, and workspaces between iManage libraries
  • Archives content to meet firm retention schedules
  • Accommodates on-demand, scheduled, and bulk move operations
  • Triggers on-demand and scheduled processing manually, performs on a scheduled basis, or processes in the time and billing system or in a custom workflow
  • Consolidates databases or archives large quantities of content to address different requirements relating to size, type, and location of data repositories
  • Copies security and metadata of documents, workspaces, and folders
  • Moves document history

Unique Differentiators/Features

Founded by industry experts from iManage, we offer a comprehensive range of iManage add-ons that help firms drive lawyer adoption, streamline administration, and implement need-to-know security. We’ve created a suite of products that help drive the full matter management lifecycle, from workspace automation and management through import/export, self-service, integration, and information governance all the way through retention. We understand lawyers, law firms, document management, and, most certainly, iManage. Our products are used by more than 270 firms across the globe ranging in size from 10 to 15,000 users. We have set the gold standard.

Licensing Model: Subscription or Perpetual, Per User

Target Market: iManage Users, Law Firms, Corporate Legal, Professional Services

Customers: More Than 300,000 Users Across 270 Organizations

iManage Solution: Work 10

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