Link2DMS - Conduit



This service component of Link2DMS provides the ability for applications or automated processes to access worksite documents via a Windows file path. Link2DMS – Conduit also includes an MS Excel Add-in that facilitates external linking in Excel Workbooks.

Unique Differentiators/Features

Allows access to the iManage Work content via a network File Share or Mapped Drive; Automatically prompts for linked Excel documents to be saved to iManage Work; Create new Conduit links to Excel files already saved in iManage Work; Links are accessible to other iManage Work users from other machines on the network; Intake component facilitates the onboarding of linked content by converting their links to Conduit links; Refresh links instantly with a single click when other users make changes to the source linked documents; Eliminates requirement to download temporary copies of documents to facilitate links; Significantly reduces the risk of broken links in native windows or via other link methods

Licensing Model: Per User In Tiers

Target Market: All Firms With IManage Work, Power Users, Administrative Staff


iManage Solution: WORK

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