EzeScan File Upload Assistant (FUA) for iManage



The EzeScan File Upload Assistant (FUA) WebApp provides an easy way for users to select and upload electronic files from a computer or a mobile device directly into iManage.
Select files from a windows folder, or simply drag & drop your files onto the EzeScan webpage for easy processing and upload.


Unique Differentiators/Features

Configure the required index fields with drop down lists, database lookups, date pickers and tick boxes that are designed to get documents captured, profiled and named.  Allowing users to easily index the documents remotely.  Custom fields can be configured to allow extra data to be captured.

The EzeScan File Upload Assistant (FUA) application ensures files are filed in the correct location, with the correct metadata and with the correct naming conventions, into iManage every time! The workflow empowers anyone in your organisation to select and upload electronic files from a computer or mobile device to the desired location.

File Upload Assistant can also be used as a staging area by external parties to upload files to your organisation.   Uploaded documents can be screened by the internal users, to be validated/authorised before uploading into iManage. This saves valuable time on internal resources and creating separation between externally borne documents.

Licensing Model: Con-current Licensing , Annual Subscription also available

Target Market: Legal, Accountancy, Corporate, Government, Finance


iManage Solution: iManage Filesite, Desksite, Version 10.xx, Version 10.2 (Both on-prem or cloud versions)

Product URL: https://www.ezescan.com.au/products/ezescan-webapps

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