E-Cyptor by Synergy



E-Cyptor allows for customers to clear the bottleneck for access to encrypted documents; keep the security while simplifying the process; Governance to data owners, showing who, when, and how their sensitive files have been accessed, while supporting the user lifecycle by changing AIP file ownership from a predecessor to a new hire, automatically and in bulk.  Finally, granting secure and systematic access to sensitive files in compliance and legal hold scenarios.

The integration between iManage and Synergy Advisor allows customer to quickly leverage their technologies for the practice of having a secured collaboration platform, simplified business app integration and manage who has access to your data, and how they are using it.

Unique Differentiators/Features

Licensing Model: Saas model, subscription

Target Market: Medium and Large Enterprise


iManage Solution:

Product URL: https://synergyadvisors.biz/e-cryptor/

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