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The legal template management system that delivers quality, consistent and compliant house style documents. The creation, branding and iManage profiling of your new documents and presentations are standardised and automated with logos, images and other content pulled in and formatted from other systems.

Unique Differentiators/Features

  • Customisable menus and document creation forms help you to choose and create the right document for the right purpose, office, legal entity, region or language.
  • Managed brand elements including logos, office addresses, legal disclaimers, styles, colour schemes and images help you maintain and develop a wide range of standardised brand documents.
  • Out of the box formatting tools mean there is no need to develop and maintain template by template custom macro code.
  • Standardise marketing and other branded documents and PowerPoint presentations, so that lawyers and marketing professionals can efficiently create and edit brand compliant content.
  • Populate new documents with your firm, people and client data without the need for you to maintain user profiles and data in a separate system.
  • Closer integration between Word and iManage or NetDocuments improves document creation workflows and user experience.
  • Add and remove optional text and document sections. Insert team contacts, biographies and deal summaries from the data source of your choice.
  • Automate a range of routine tasks to improve productivity, increase consistency and reduce errors.

Licensing Model: Per User, Tiered

Target Market: Legal

Customers: Top 200 UK and International Law Firms

iManage Solution: iManage Work 8, 9 and 10. (FileSite and Work 10 Desktop client)

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