Docuble Styles



Automated document formatting and repair tools that save lawyers time and hassle. Cross references are fixed, styles and numbering corrected and every element of your house style and brand applied in a one-click conversion that standardises any document to your firm's house style,brand and formatting.

Unique Differentiators/Features

  • Apply house style to clean up, repair and reformat a whole document in one automated process.
  • Convert, rebrand and restyle batches of letters, agreements and other live documents or precedents.
  • Convert typed references into fully automated Word cross references.
  • Standardise cross referencing to your house style formatting.
  • Repair multiple broken cross references with a single action.
  • Insert house style content and formatting without the need for expert Word skills.
  • Reformat client, PDF and OCR generated documents.
  • Edit house style and third-party documents with Intelligent style-apply buttons.
  • Generate reports on sources of document corruption and instability.
  • Fix and standardise selected document issues.
  • Report on and remove document Metadata.

Licensing Model: Per User, Tiered

Target Market: Legal

Customers: Top 200 UK and International Law Firms

iManage Solution: iManage Work 8, 9 and 10. (FileSite and Work 10 Desktop client)

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