CourtAlert Case Management - Docketing and Calendaring Platform



On-Prem and in the Cloud. Designed for large and mid-sized law firms with a unique workflow for heavy caseloads. This software is highly configurable to meet you firm’s needs. Quickly and accurately docket and calendar incoming fillings and updates with Reconcilation, CourtAlert's patented module to read your ECF Emails. With CourtAlert’s Case Management System, it takes only three clicks from receiving an ECF Notice to saving it in the system, uploading it to iManage, review the document and calendar the related deadlines.

Unique Differentiators/Features

The docketing workflow allows for very accurate docketing with several managerial reviews that enables effective communication with the attorneys.
Avoid Mistakes - The PDF and Rules Citation are always available with the docket and deadlines: in the inquiry module, automated emails and in the Outlook Appointments!
Save Time - Electronically filed cases are docketed in seconds. The system is designed to be able to docket in as little as three clicks! Review the docket and then then calendar the related deadlines! 

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Target Market: CourtAlert Case Management is for law firms looking for an effective and efficient centralized calendaring and docketing solution.

Customers: We cater to large and mid-sized law firms.

iManage Solution: Integration with iManage: Document are automatically profiled using our advanced template engine so that every field can be set up with you firm's preferences. Having the documents in the correct matter workspace, within an

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