Create a digital mailroom with Airmail2 for delivery of daily mail into iManage.

Digital delivery of daily mail and document requests to employees working from home. Paper2Digital delivery is essential to keeping a legal practice productive for home workers. Airmail2’s simplicity and segmented processes enable clerical operators to work productively, with minimal training, and without password access to the document management system.


Unique Differentiators/Features

How It Works

  1. After selecting a Deliver To in the Airmail2 software program, a Postmark stamp is placed on the first page of the paper document, tagging it with a unique barcode.
  2. Stamped documents can be scanned in stacks.
  3. Airmail2 reads the instructions for each barcode, directing the digital documents into a recipient’s destination folder in iManage.
  4. Operators do not need an iManage login because Airmail2 securely delivers documents into iManage.
  5. Airmail2 performs the digitization, OCR and quality control.

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Licensing Model: Per-seat

Target Market: 1. Law Firms 2. Corporate Legal Departments


iManage Solution: iManage Work10, iManage Cloud, iManage Desksite, iManage Worksite

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