IDOLytics™ is the first solution to bring high-powered Enterprise Content Management Analytics to IDOL. This solution decrypts iManage Work’s IDOL data to allow administrators to view, monitor, and track IDOL searches in real time and perform analysis on searches using any combination of user, metadata, and search date values. Reduce risk by monitoring and alerting on restricted or sensitive search terms or ethical wall penetration attempts, identify power users and users requiring additional training, and improve IDOL performance by identifying peak search engine utilization time periods with IDOLytics.

Unique Differentiators / Features:

  • Track IDOL queries to ensure users are not searching on restricted or sensitive terms or attempting to penetrate ethical walls
  • Easily create notifications on unauthorized or sensitive search terms
  • Drill into data to view who is searching in IDOL, what they are searching for, when they are searching, and how frequently they are searching
  • Establish regular reports on search term
  • Highlight and alert on unusually high or low levels of queries
  • Fine tune your IDOL search infrastructure to ensure users are finding valuable information quickly and efficiently
  • Monitor usage to help users who have difficulty searching
  • Gain insight into the specifics of what users are searching for to allow content to be targeted more effectively
  • Filter, highlight, and analyze decrypted search data
  • Receive notifications within seconds of users’ performing sensitive searches

Licensing Model: Per User

Target Market: iManage Users

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