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Other Industries

All professionals face common challenges when working with documents, emails and other critical communications.

What do industries including educational institutions, healthcare services, real estate development companies and energy companies have in common? A high volume of crucial information that needs to be handled with care and ease, to start. See how iManage can help your team stay on top of it all.

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Benefits for your business.

Today’s businesses face increasing pressure to keep costs down, while critical content grows. Managing files and communications while maximizing productivity and service presents companies with unique challenges. Here’s how iManage can help.

Improve productivity
Electronic workspaces serve as a single source of information
Improve customer service
Powerful search keeps information at the professionals’ fingertips, workspaces can be extended to collaborate or share files with client, contractors and other external parties.
Move from paper to digital
Saving valuable company resources and reducing your environmental footprint
Gain new insights
Comprehensive search and knowledge management capabilities
Improve governance and security
Secure and manage all electronic and physical content and communications in accordance with a policy.

Explore iManage products that can help your firm work more productively, work smarter and work safer.

Work More

  • iManage Work 10

    Secure document and email management

    Learn More
  • iManage Share

    Secure governed file sharing and collaboration

    Learn More


  • iManage RAVN Insight

    Advanced enterprise search and expertise identification

    Learn More
  • iManage RAVN Extract

    Automatically read, interpret, and extract key information from documents

    Learn More


  • iManage Security Policy Manager

    Manage global security policies at scale

    Learn More
  • iManage Threat Manager

    24/7 continuous protection of sensitive data from internal and external threats

    Learn More
  • iManage Records Manager

    Manage physical and electronic assets for retention and governance.

    Learn More

iManage AI Solutions for Other Industries

iManage solutions are applications built on the iManage AI platform to solve real-world problems within all industries. These solutions called robots, automate routine tasks and provide powerful information about your content, increase productivity and get more out of your data. iManage robots for corporate legal include:

  • iManage M & A Contracts Due Diligence Robot

    Automatically organize, analyze and extract key data from loan portfolios and other M & A documents

    Learn More
  • iManage Lease Term Extraction Robot

    Automatically organize, analyze and extract key data from leases

    Learn More
  • iManage ISDA MA, CSA Robot

    Simple and efficient automated review for repapering ISDAs

    Learn More
  • iManage TimeCard Narrative Classification Robot

    Improve time accuracy classification within law firms

    Learn More

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