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Other Industries

All professionals face common challenges when working with documents, emails and other critical communications.

What do industries including educational institutions, healthcare services, real estate development companies and energy companies have in common? A high volume of crucial information that needs to be handled with care and ease, to start. See how iManage can help your team stay on top of it all.

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Benefits for your business.

Today’s businesses face increasing pressure to keep costs down, while critical content grows. Managing files and communications while maximizing productivity and service presents companies with unique challenges. Here’s how iManage can help.

Improve productivity
Electronic workspaces serve as a single source of information
Improve customer service
Powerful search keeps information at the professionals’ fingertips, workspaces can be extended to collaborate or share files with client, contractors and other external parties.
Move from paper to digital

Saving valuable company resources and reducing your environmental footprint
Gain new insights
Comprehensive search and knowledge management capabilities
Improve governance and security
and manage all electronic and
physical content and communications in accordance with a policy.

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iManage Work Product Management for Other Professional Services

iManage provides an integrated solution to managing engagement files from inception until information is disposed of in accordance with policy.

iManage Work
Secure document and email management
iManage Share
Secure governed file sharing and collaboration
iManage Insight
Enterprise content search and analysis
iManage Govern
Security Policy Management, Threat Detection, Records, Archive and Electronic Communications Management

A few of our Customers

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“The shift in just the last four years in the willingness of legal organizations to consider – or even prefer – cloud-­‐based applications has been remarkable and significant. However, concerns over the security of privileged and confidential work product, data privacy, and access control remain very real, very relevant, and very strong. Foundational technology such as that provided by iManage is materially helping to reconcile the need for extensibility with the need for risk management. The hybrid cloud is a business solution with momentum to drive market adoption with flexible, creative and responsive deployment models.”

–Christopher O’Connor, Senior Research Analyst, Hyperion Global Partners

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