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Document Management & AI Solutions to Meet the Needs of the New Lawyer

Many modern law firms are slowed down by their document management software. Their files are saved indiscriminately across multiple systems and hard drives. Also, trying to navigate unintuitive software wastes valuable money and labor hours that could be employed elsewhere. The solution? A law firm cloud server that users can access anywhere they go, using AI technology to store and sort all necessary files into one easy-to-use location.

iManage keeps you and your attorneys informed. Our software lets you access critical information from anywhere—even offline. Learn why iManage is the leading provider of work product management to the legal industry.

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Improve firm productivity with web-based document management systems for lawyers

Today’s firms have to live up to the expectations of a new lawyer: tech-savvy, mobile, and with a new expectation for how information is available, delivered and managed. The pressure is on firms to find new ways of working and using technology to improve productivity and client service.

iManage’s industry-leading web-based document management systems for lawyers provides secure file sharing throughout your firm while adhering to company procedures and federal privacy regulations. Here are some of the ways law firms benefit from using iManage.

Increase lawyer productivity
Manage client content and communication in integrated electronic matter files with reusable project templates.
Enhance quality of client service
Provide online collaborative workspaces for sharing and firm knowledge with more freedom to collaborate directly with clients and coworkers.
Gain new insights
View underutilized resources and expertise within the company with comprehensive search and knowledge management capabilities.
Improve governance and security
Secure and manage all electronic and physical content and communications in accordance with firm and client policy.
Mobile access for the modern lawyer
Access the most current work product from iOS, Android, Windows or other mobile devices – from anywhere in the world.

Explore iManage secure file sharing products that can help your law firm work more productively, work smarter and work safer.

Work More

  • iManage Work 10

    Secure document and email management

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  • iManage Share

    Secure governed file sharing and collaboration

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  • iManage RAVN Insight

    Advanced enterprise search and expertise identification

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  • iManage RAVN Extract

    Automatically read, interpret, and extract key information from documents

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  • iManage Business Intake Manager

    Automated, comprehensive business intake software

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  • iManage Conflicts Manager

    Conflicts of Interest Software Built for Faster Analysis

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  • iManage Security Policy Manager

    Manage global security policies at scale

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  • iManage Threat Manager

    24/7 continuous protection of sensitive data from internal and external threats

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  • iManage Records Manager

    Manage physical and electronic assets for retention and governance.

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iManage AI Solutions for Law Firms

iManage solutions are applications built on the iManage AI platform to solve real-world problems within law firms. These solutions called robots, automate routine tasks and provide powerful information about your content, increase productivity and get more out of your data. iManage robots for law firms include:

  • iManage M & A Contracts Due Diligence Robot

    Automatically organize, analyze and extract key data from loan portfolios and other M & A documents

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  • iManage Lease Term Extraction Robot

    Automatically organize, analyze and extract key data from leases

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  • iManage ISDA MA, CSA Robot

    Simple and efficient automated review for repapering ISDAs

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  • iManage TimeCard Narrative Classification Robot

    Improve time accuracy classification within law firms

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A few of our Legal Customers

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  • “Attorneys are not interested in 'upgrades' and are unwilling to spend time for marginal improvement. We needed something with ’wow‘ to get their attention. iManage Work 10 provides that wow. In fact, during a demo one of our attorneys said 'wow' 12 times! Our focus now…project WOW combining iManage Work 10, Office 2016 and Windows 10.”

    -Doug Caddell, Global CIO, Mayer Brown LLP
  • “One of the biggest challenges in our firm is giving professionals software that they really want to use. We expect that the new features of Work 10, designed with the goal to remove friction from those tasks with smart features, will bring a large boost in adoption by users.”

    -Santiago Gomez, IT Director, URÍA MENÉNDEZ

  • “We’ve been using iManage for eight years. The partners and the staff find it invaluable. They can find documents, trace documents, and retrieve everything very easily.”

    -Ben Cohen, Applications Customization and Support Manager, Richards Layton & Finger

  • “iManage is much more intuitive and user-friendly, and it enables lawyers at the firm to be more productive. Everything is more integrated, so people don’t have to click in and out of multiple windows to do their work or to search for information on open matters. Automatically filing documents direct from Outlook is a huge plus — it’s much faster and simpler than manually transferring information from email to the DMS.”

    -Hamish Patrick, Partner, Shepherd and Wedderburn

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