Knowledge Unlocked

7 New Ways to Search

Knowledge Unlocked, powered by the RAVN Knowledge Graph™, provides 7 new ways to search across Work and external systems to discover new content and insights, identify similar matters or motions, highlight relevant content and provide updated intelligence on legal principles while respecting security and confidentiality that is so important to the industry.

Knowledge Unlocked provides the foundation for knowledge sharing and re-uses ensuring teams:

  • Provide higher quality responses
  • Leverage expertise in every answer
  • Focus on high quality legal analysis
  • Make informed decisions that ultimately provide superior service to clients

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  • Knowledge Revamp

    The future for Knowledge Management is bright – get the basics in place and you then have the foundation to apply AI and analytics, yielding significant benefits and competitive advantage in an increasingly data-driven world. Alex G Smith, Data & Knowledge expert, shares his experience crafting systems for Stephenson Harwood LLP, Juta and Company (Pty) Ltd and Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) LLP, in this article from Briefing Legal

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  • Enterprise Search with iManage RAVN

    Are you struggling to share knowledge effectively within your business? Finding, curating, and assimilating content can take significant amounts of human effort. Watch this webinar to find out how iManage RAVN is addressing the Search and Knowledge management pain for many organizations and meet one of our clients, Womble Bond Dickinson, who will share their journey with iManage RAVN.

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  • “Our firm has never put into practice a search system this powerful. The fact ​that our lawyers can so quickly locate material knowledge and, in turn, make ​ that knowledge actionable is a game-changer – both in how we operate internally and in how we serve our clients.”

    -Bill Koch, Chief Knowledge Officer, Womble Bond Dickinson LLP
  • “Our aim is to access our expertise and deliver it to our clients with greater efficiency in an era when the world is demanding a much more empirical approach to data. The individual experience of one lawyer is no longer enough. MatterExplorer, using iManage RAVN Insight, allows us to be rigorous in the way in which we exploit what we know.”

    -Sophie Mathur, Partner and Co-head of the Innovation Steering Group, Linklaters

Knowledge Beacon customer adoption program

iManage will work with your teams to ensure knowledge success. Industry experts will guide you through best practices to ensure the solution is optimized to meet your needs.

If you are interested in a Knowledge Beacon or learning more about how iManage RAVN can help your organisation, request more information here.

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  • Stephanie Vaughan

    Global Legal Practice Director - Stephanie’s career spans over 10 years of managing and delivering successful large scale complex financial and regulatory projects for many of the major financial institutions and corporate organisations. In her previous role as a Senior Associate at a Magic Circle firm Stephanie was instrumental in helping both the firm and its clients extract value from technology.

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  • Lucy Melendrez-Diaz

    AMER Legal Practice Lead: Knowledge Unlocked - Lucy has 15 years of experience in the legal industry ranging from law firms to ALSPs to legal technology companies. As a lawyer, she employed technology to create efficiencies in the practice of law. She went on to leverage that experience into roles at technology companies where she shares with other organizations the power of leveraging technology to unlock knowledge.

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  • Ian Rodgers

    Legal Practice Lead (EMEA & APAC) - Ian has led a number of successful knowledge unlocked and contract intelligence projects for both law firms and in-house teams. Before joining iManage, he was a litigator at a Magic Circle law firm where he specialized in investigations and complex contractual disputes.

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  • Jenny Hotchin

    EMEA Legal Practice Lead: Jenny is an experienced technology, outsourcing and contracts lawyer. Jenny’s experience in working with both in-house and private practice teams coupled with her working knowledge of technology deployment and adoption means she is uniquely placed to help our clients get the real returns they want from RAVN technologies.

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