iManage M&A Due Diligence Robot

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iManage M&A Due Diligence Robot

Artificial Intelligence to analyze your M&A Contracts and Documents

Organizations are often required to perform due diligence checks on loan portfolios and other M&A documents. Traditionally, this process is a manual labor-intensive effort that involves reviewing large sets of poorly organized data and documents. This time-consuming manual process is often filled with inaccuracies and increased costs as organizations expand overhead to meet tight deadlines.

iManage M&A Due Diligence Robot automates due diligence tasks by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence in mergers and acquisitions contracts. It can automatically cluster large content sets, extract key data points from M&A documents and automate the review process. Increase margins, mitigate risks and reduce operational costs with iManage M&A Due Diligence Robot.

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Artificial intelligence: an innovative approach for M&A and due diligence processing

The iManage M&A Due Diligence Robot mitigates the pressing issues associated with manual due diligence checks by allowing firms to:
Save time, reduce cost
Automatically categorize a large number of document portfolios into product types and supporting document sets, extract key information and review documents without adding extra overhead and resources.
Improve accuracy
Leverage AI to establish organization document standards and improve the accuracy of exported data for client review. Reduce the need for manual checks.
Organize the deal room
Quickly identify various document types such as facility letters, flag inappropriately filed content and identify unknown data sets.
Improve productivity
Redeploy resources to more rewarding and high-priority tasks, improving morale and overall company productivity.

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Use AI to process loan portfolios and M&A documents in less time

For many organizations, the manual completion of due diligence tasks is a long, costly process that involves the categorizing of portfolios into product types as well as supporting document sets. To be assured some level of accuracy, these steps must then be followed by a further manual review of the categories and sets created. Naturally, this entire operation costs a company substantial time. With the iManage M&A Due Diligence Robot, you can reduce the need for manual labor and the associated operational costs, as the robot’s AI automatically extracts and clusters necessary information in M&A contracts.

iManage M&A Due Diligence Robot can ingest and interpret data from any data source including Merril, Intralinks and HigQ. After ingesting the data, the robot automatically clusters and classify content into separate document classes, extracts relevant data for each document class and exports the data into any format. The exported data can populate Excel, a variety of templates and third-party systems for further analysis and review.

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