iManage Lease Term Extraction Robot

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iManage Lease Term Extraction Robot

Automatically Organize, Analyze and Extract Key Data From Leases

The buying and selling of real estate portfolios include lengthy due diligence processes and require that thousands of documents be analyzed and organized to understand the varied lease types and terms within the portfolio. Often these leases and other deal-related materials are stored in the wrong location, and irrelevant information or duplicate paperwork exists within the deal room. On top of these inconveniences, firms must manually classify, interpret and prepare the data using a lengthy time-consuming process.

Improve the efficiency of your title deeds due diligence process with iManage. iManage Lease Term Extraction Robot leverages the power of AI for automated document classification and extraction and allows real estate professionals to efficiently organize and extract key data points from leases for the buying and selling of real estate portfolios.

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An innovative approach for extracting lease terms

Quickly find and identify relevant portfolio documents
Automatic clustering and classification can identify various document types including Leases, Official Copies and Loan Agreements.
Improve accuracy
Automated data extraction mitigates risks and ensures that no information is missing from the deal room, regardless of its location within the enterprise.
Reduce Cost
AI document classification and extraction technology ensures that you won’t need to hire extra personnel to meet tight deadlines.

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iManage Lease Term Extraction Robot Advantage for Automated Document Classification and Extraction

Traditionally, many firms have been manually sorting through title deeds and other documents as part of the due diligence process, which increases operational costs. This manual effort is also time-consuming and prone to errors. iManage’s Lease Term Extraction robot uses AI document extraction technology to automate manual processes for legal professionals involved with real estate transactions.

iManage Lease Term Extraction Robot is used in the process of buying and selling real estate portfolios. It aids in the title deeds due diligence process by performing “data scrubbing” and duplicate elimination from the document estate and ensures that all pertinent information is in the deal room. The iManage Lease Term Extraction robot can ingest data from the deal room or any other data source such as Merril, Intralinks and HighQ; extract key data points and export that data into any format including Excel, templates, BI/BA tools or third-party systems. Powerful cluster mapping capabilities show a visual representation of the many different lease types within a portfolio, and can quickly identify the most common lease.

iManage Lease Term Extraction Robot has been successfully deployed at several leading global law firms including Reed Smith, De Brauw and Simonsen Vogt Wiig.

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