Corporate Legal Departments

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Corporate Legal Departments

Streamline the flow of critical company information with in-house legal document management software.

With the wide range of documents that legal professionals encounter every day, corporate legal departments face many challenges associated with storing and sharing files across the entire organization. An intuitive in-house legal document management system is necessary to save money and increase efficiency and collaboration.

Produce more with iManage’s document management software for legal departments. Modern corporate legal departments are experiencing a digital transformation in their file storage and sharing. Let iManage help you discover the future of business technology with our corporate legal software. If you’re ready to see just how effective iManage’s in-house legal document management systems are at transforming your business practices, request a demo now.

See how hundreds of corporate legal departments are using iManage Work Product Management to improve processes such as NDAs, basic claims, subpoena processing, and contract management.

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Benefits for every aspect of your legal department.

Corporate legal departments need innovative ways to improve productivity, streamline management and collaboration with external counsel, automate processes, reuse knowledge, and better govern sensitive corporate work product. A comprehensive legal information management solution that can do more than just manage internal documents is required.

iManage’s award-winning document management software has helped today’s leading legal departments streamline business practices, increase productivity and adhere to privacy regulations. Here’s how iManage helps corporate legal departments around the world:

  • Improve professional productivity at all levels of the organization by managing client content and communication in integrated electronic matter files
  • Improve quality of service to clients by providing online collaborative workspaces for sharing and firm knowledge
  • Gain new insights with AI-powered comprehensive search and knowledge management capabilities
  • Improve governance and security over critical work product without imposing additional work on busy lawyers
  • Increase overall workplace efficiency by automating routine tasks and locating expertise and key data trends with ease
  • Improve client satisfaction and response time with on-the-go mobile information access
  • The Time Is Now for Corporate Legal Department Digital Transformation

    By combining the right technology platform with smart change management practices, corporate legal departments, like finance, human resources and many other business departments, can use new digital technologies to dramatically transform how their departments operate.

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  • 7 Steps to Protect and Govern Sensitive Corporate Legal Department Information

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Explore iManage products that can help your firm work more productively, work smarter and work safer.

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  • iManage Work 10

    Secure document and email management

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  • iManage Share

    Secure governed file sharing and collaboration

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  • iManage RAVN Insight

    Advanced enterprise search and expertise identification

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  • iManage RAVN Extract

    Automatically read, interpret, and extract key information from documents

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  • iManage Security Policy Manager

    Manage global security policies at scale

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  • iManage Threat Manager

    24/7 continuous protection of sensitive data from internal and external threats

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  • iManage Records Manager

    Manage physical and electronic assets for retention and governance.

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iManage AI Solutions for Corporate Legal Departments

iManage solutions are applications built on the iManage AI platform to solve real-world problems within corporate legal departments. These solutions called robots, automate routine tasks and provide powerful information about your content, increase productivity and get more out of your data. iManage robots for corporate legal include:

  • iManage M & A Contracts Due Diligence Robot

    Automatically organize, analyze and extract key data from loan portfolios and other M & A documents

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  • iManage Lease Term Extraction Robot

    Automatically organize, analyze and extract key data from leases

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  • iManage ISDA MA, CSA Robot

    Simple and efficient automated review for repapering ISDAs

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  • iManage TimeCard Narrative Classification Robot

    Improve time accuracy classification within law firms

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A few of our Corporate Legal Customers

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    “iManage Work and its tight integration with Microsoft Office and our legal-specific applications make it very easy to save, open, edit, view and search documents for our attorneys, saving them a great deal of time.”

    -Jaime Gamarra, Senior Associate Systems Analyst for IT legal Applications, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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