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iTech Automation Integrates iManage Records Manager with its SmartLocate RFID Solution to Improve Productivity and Reduce Records Management Costs

Demonstration at ARMA 2015 Shows How Firms Can More Effectively Manage and Find Files with Mobile Solution

ARMA 2015 – WASHINGTON, D.C. – October 5, 2015 - iManage and iTech Automation Inc. are joining forces at ARMA 2015 to showcase how the iManage Records Manager solution integrates with SmartLocate portable radio frequency identification (RFID) records tracking system to improve productivity and lower costs. The combination of the two solutions, which will be demonstrated this week, at ARMA 2015 in Washington, D.C., can deliver at least a 66 percent reduction in the labor required to conduct records inventories and enables users to find lost folders without the need to physically see them.

“Law firms and professional firms face enormous challenges managing their physical files, often spending inordinate amounts of times searching for specific files that can be easily misplaced,” said Dan Carmel, chief marketing officer at iManage. “Combining the power of iManage Records Manager, our industry-leading records management solution, with the RFID capability offered by iTech’s SmartLocate RFID, enables records managers to work smarter, while helping them run a more cost-effective program.”

iManage Records Manager enables professional firms to manage both electronic and physical client records in a client and engagement specific manner. With iManage Records Manager, you can create physical files, apply barcode labels and track these physical files from their creation all the way through final disposition. Files can be associated with boxes, sent to an offsite storage facility and continue to be tracked while offsite. iManage Records Manager provides a unified and scalable system to ensure that records are retained and disposed of according to each client’s retention policies—and that they can always meet audit and discovery requirements.

SmartLocate uses RFID technology to tag each file, which eliminates the need for users to handle or even see the physical files. As a result, firms can quickly conduct file inventories in the office, storage areas and in boxes. The system also reduces the potential for human error, increases accuracy in determining the current location of items, and improves employee and timekeeper accountability.

“Our RFID tags allow firms to conduct the same inventory for which they’ve conventionally used barcodes, but enables them to take a hands off approach in which they can easily find the location of the file without having to manually touch them,” said Paul Lemieux, Principal at iTech. “The proven integration with iManage Records Manager adds even greater efficiency to our automated, portable tracking technology.”

For more information on iManage offerings, visit booth 230 at ARMA and to see the demonstration of the iManage Work and iTech SmartLocate RFID solution, visit booth 622 at ARMA.

About iManage
iManage is the leading provider of work product management solutions for legal, accounting and financial services firms and the corporate departments they serve worldwide. Every day iManage helps professionals streamline the creation, sharing, governance and security of their work product. Nearly 3,000 organizations around the world—including more than 1,800 law firms—rely on iManage to help them deliver great client work. Headquartered in Chicago, iManage is a management-owned company.

About iTech Automation, Inc.
Since 1986, iTech Automation has worked with over 200 professional service firms providing bar code and RFID systems to maximize the efficiency of their records management software.

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