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iManage Share Debuts Enhanced Security and New User Interface

Key File Sharing Product Adds New Encryption Capabilities to Meet the Needs of Today’s Professionals

ILTACON 2016 – NATIONAL HARBOR, MD – August 29, 2016iManage today announced several important enhancements to iManage Share — the leading secure file sharing solution for professionals — that will streamline and improve the way professionals collaborate with clients, and outside parties, and enhance the security of shared work product.

Chief among the enhancement to the product, iManage Share now supports customer managed encryption keys — sometimes referred to as BYOK, or Bring Your Own Key — in which the customer generates, owns, and manages their own encryption keys. This gives professional services firms control over their data in the iManage cloud and helps address both regulatory compliance and data privacy concerns for storing data in the cloud.

With this multi-tiered encryption strategy files stored in iManage share are in essence encrypted twice, first with a locally generated encryption key and then a second time by a customer generated encryption key which iManage software or personnel cannot access. The customer managed encryption keys will be securely stored in redundant FIPS 140-2 compliant Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) where the customer can update, suspend or revoke the key providing complete control over their data.

In a second major enhancement is a new and improved user experience for external collaborators. The new user experience, introduced in iManage Work 9.4, is now fully reflected in iManage Share. Its responsive design ensures that iManage Share provides the same consistent experience across mobile phones, tablets, and desktops extending the capabilities of iManage Share to the mobile user.

To further enhance the user experience, iManage Share offers several new features that make it easier to work with large numbers of files and projects. Filters allow users to get to the work product they’re looking for more quickly, and bookmarks allow them to organize the files and projects that are most important to them for easy access, increasing productivity.

“As the number of projects and collaboration partners grows, it becomes more and more challenging to work with that information effectively,” said Ben DiMarco, CIO from De Grandpré Chait. “With the new version of iManage Share, iManage has come up with a number of smart ways to tackle that challenge and make users more efficient at getting their work done.”

iManage has also introduced a new pricing model which makes it easier and less expensive for customers to get started with iManage Share. The new subscription-based pricing model provides customers the flexibility to pay based on usage while at the same time providing predictability by capping the overall annual costs.

“Today’s professionals need a file sharing solution that is as easy to use as consumer grade applications and satisfies their organization’s and client’s data governance and security needs,” said Dan Carmel, iManage chief marketing officer. “With these latest enhancements, iManage Share meets those needs head-on. There’s never been a better time to experience the benefits of a solution that fully integrates professional work product management and secure file sharing.”

For more information about iManage Share, including purchase and availability information, visit our website.

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