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iManage Announces Bricker & Eckler Selects iManage Govern to Manage All Electronic and Physical Client Records Within a Single System

Firm Mitigates Risk Through Improved Policy Compliance

February 24, 2016 - iManage today announced that Bricker & Eckler LLP, a mid-western law firm serving the healthcare, insurance, financial services, manufacturing, education, construction and real estate markets, has deployed iManage Govern to manage all of its electronic and physical client records in a single work product management system. Bricker & Eckler is minimizing risk and improving productivity through better retention policies.

“The way we have managed our physical client records has evolved from index cards to spreadsheets to a Microsoft Access database about three years ago,” said Deborah Gantt, records manager at Bricker & Eckler. “The volume of data was getting too cumbersome so we began looking for a solution that could integrate with our work product management system to manage our physical documents. Once we started evaluating products, we began to see the big picture; we needed a system that could manage both physical and electronic documents.”

Bricker & Eckler, which has been using iManage Work for work product management for several years, added iManage Govern to support its long-term archiving and disposition of both physical and electronic information. Together, these products enable Bricker & Eckler to streamline document capture, classification and security with automatic application of governance policies, and provide the firm with a unified system through which the firm can automatically apply retention policies across all records.

“By deploying iManage Govern with our existing deployment of iManage Work,” continued Gantt, “we are able to automatically apply retention policies to all documents and emails in iManage Work, without having to copy or move them into a separate system. These capabilities now allow us to meet audit and discovery requirements, reduce risk and improve efficiency by taking records management responsibility off of the professional’s shoulders. Prior to iManage Govern, when a new matter was created, the records management department was not involved in file creation. Secretaries and attorneys made their own file folder and we received them after the case was closed. With iManage Govern, we will create files when the matter is created, improving control over records and our ability to deliver faster results to internal customers.”

“Like many firms, Bricker & Eckler understands the growing imperative to manage both physical and electronic files in conjunction with a unified policy,“ said Dan Carmel, chief marketing officer of iManage. “iManage Govern has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the professional service organizations that organize records by client and matter. Our focus is to enable our customers to manage their records in accordance with their clients’ policies and requirements. We are pleased that Bricker & Eckler selected iManage Govern as its complete records management solution.”

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