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iManage Work Product Management helps you organize and track the complete lifecycle of a professional engagement – from before it is opened, until content is disposed of in concert with policy.


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iManage Work 10

The leading document and email management system for today's modern professional.

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iManage Share

Easily and securely share and collaborate with clients, service providers and other outside parties.

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iManage Insight

Search across the extended enterprise to leverage previous work. Analytics identify hidden expertise, and other insights to help you better understand your business.

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iManage Govern

Manage the long-term archiving and disposition of physical and electronic information.

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iManage Cloud

All the power of iManage delivered in a secure cloud, for a low subscription fee.

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Easy access to firm work product improves visibility while enhancing collaboration and customer service. See how iManage is helping accounting firms around the globe.

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Corporate Legal Departments

See how hundreds of corporate legal departments are using iManage Work Product Management to improve processes such as NDAs, basic claims, subpoena processing, and contract management.

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Financial Services

Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by streamlining burdensome manual processes. Facilitate client communications and leverage knowledge spread throughout the enterprise. Find out why iManage is the perfect fit.

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Law Firms

iManage keeps you and your attorneys informed. Our software lets you access critical information from anywhere—even offline. Learn why iManage is the leading provider of work product management to the legal industry.

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Other Industries

What do industries including educational institutions, healthcare services, real estate development companies and energy companies have in common?

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