Security, Risk and Governance

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Security, Risk and Governance

Work Safer: Data Security and Information Governance for Your Firm

Organizations in legal, accounting, finance and other industries are facing new and sophisticated forms of security threats that require innovative technology to protect sensitive information. With rising customer demands and regulatory requirements, companies are also under pressure to secure and manage client information to a higher standard. iManage delivers need-to-know security, protects sensitive information from phishing and internal threats and supports ethical walls and client audit requests, all without burdening the user with additional steps and work. Using iManage, organizations work safer with products that govern and secure their critical information.

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Innovative approach to securing sensitive data

iManage secures and governs critical work product throughout a project or engagement lifecycle-from inception to closure and beyond. Innovative capabilities such as security policy management allows the enterprise to easily manage global security policies at scale, including need-to-know access, ethical walls and internal segregation to minimize the impact of a security breach. Powered by AI and machine learning, iManage delivers 24/7 continuous threat detection, monitoring and reporting capabilities to protect your organization’s sensitive information across any device, anywhere.

Leveraging the industry’s leading records management product with over 500,000 users, iManage provides unified records management capabilities across physical and electronic records, allowing you to set governance policies consistently and comprehensively. Tight integration between records and content management means busy professionals do not have to take extra steps or slow down to focus on governance – it is all fully integrated with a simple click.

Security Policy Management for Law Firms

As a recipient of the International Legal Technology Association’s — or ILTA’s — Distinguished Peer Award and the winner of the British Legal Technology Awards’ 2017 IT Security Provider of the Year award, iManage provides secure file sharing for corporate counsel and law firms that’s truly best-in-class when it comes to both protection and service.

In conjunction with iManage Security Policy Manager, your firm can efficiently set up ethical walls and restrict access to sensitive data so that it’s only accessible on a need-to-know basis. Combine this capability with early alerts to both internal and external threats, and you’ll find that your firm’s information is protected in a manner that’s adaptable, compliant and ready for the challenges of the digital age.

iManage Business Intake Manager

Automated, comprehensive business intake software

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iManage Conflicts Manager

Conflicts of Interest Software Built for Faster Analysis

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iManage Security Policy Manager

Easily manage global security policies at scale, including need-to-know access, ethical walls and internal segregation to minimize the impact of a security breach.

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iManage Threat Manager

24/7 continuous protection of sensitive data from internal and external threats from any device anywhere.

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iManage Records Manager

Manage physical and electronic assets for retention and governance.

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Video: Securing the Modern Law Firm

Legal organizations are facing new forms of security threats that require innovative technology that protects sensitive information. Bilal Mujahid, head of information security at iManage, breaks down the types of potential security breaches and explains how your legal organization can guard against them.

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Deploy Security and Information Governance on-premises or in the iManage Cloud

The iManage Cloud is a modern cloud architecture designed to support the unique needs of professionals. Users can work effectively on high or low bandwidth connections and even when disconnected. iManage Cloud delivers an optimized user experience when working with large files, fully secured and backed-up across a network of worldwide data centers. Proven deployment methodology, annual subscription pricing and rapid onboarding all increase your organization’s agility.

  • “We continue to make strategic investments in technology designed to further protect our clients' data. iManage’s Security Policy Manager and Threat Manager will deliver the functionality our clients and our internal risk and compliance teams demand without compromising attorney productivity. Combining all of these features from a single vendor is a huge advantage.”

    -John Barney, Chief Information Officer, Thompson & Knight
  • “iManage Threat Manager’s sophisticated and unique approach in distinguishing between normal and abnormal behavior provides the type of context-specific monitoring that will minimize the ‘noise’ from false positives. It will enable our team to gain deeper insights into activity in our document management system and quickly focus our efforts where they will be most effective.”

    -Frank Spadafino, Chief Information Officier, Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP

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