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iManage RAVN Extract

Document Extraction Software

iManage RAVN Extract, powered by the award-winning RAVN AI technology, automatically reads, extracts and interprets critical business information from large volumes of documents and unstructured data. With iManage RAVN Extract, you can increase organization productivity, reduce cost, save time and transform unmanageable projects into streamlined and profitable processes.

Every year, law firm associates and other professionals spend millions of hours extracting key data points from unstructured legal documents stored in different locations throughout the firm’s system. This manual process not only takes time and can be very expensive but it is also prone to errors, which can enhance reputational risk. Enter iManage RAVN Extract, the industry’s leading document extraction software specifically designed for legal professionals.

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Document extraction with Artificial Intelligence streamlines business processes

Law firms, corporate legal, and financial services professionals get more value out of their documents using document extraction with artificial intelligence. With the iManage RAVN Extract, businesses can experience an array of benefits, including the following.

Save 50% or more in manual labor cost
Quickly and accurately read, extract and analyze relevant information from large volumes of documents and data sets. Turn money losing tasks into profit centers.
Complete projects in less time
Streamline review processes with pre-built and self-trained extractors. Re-use previous extraction models across multiple projects.
Find relevant information faster:
Accurately pin-point relevant information from large document sets by filtering search results based on metadata.
Improve review accuracy
Eliminate human errors caused by inconsistent decisions applied by different personnel.
Implement large projects without sacrificing security:
User-based security model ensures that only relevant team members have access to critical project information.

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Get more out of your data with document extraction software designed for lawyers

Predefined extractors automatically identify and extract relevant data from contracts and variety of document types from a seamless user interface.

Self-training module puts you in control and enables organizations to train iManage Extract to extract content from industry or company specific documents and datasets.

Re-use extractors across projects to develop new departmental solutions quickly at a lower cost.

Quickly transform projects from chaos to organized review

When used with iManage RAVN Classify, iManage RAVN Extract can organize large document sets into specific categories or clusters to expedite the review process. User-based security model enables sophisticated users to see all functionality, while reviewers stay productive with a simplified view.

Reed Smith, LLP improves productivity and streamlines processes with iManage RAVN Extract.

UK Law Firm Keoghs Innovates with iManage RAVN Document Extraction Software

Enhanced user experience makes you more productive

iManage RAVN Extract smart (AI) features save time, improve productivity and streamline projects:

In-document search cuts through the clutter and automatically identifies relevant information within sections of a document.

Dynamic event notification reduces the need for training and improves user adoption across project teams

In-context review and preview of extracted terms allows reviewing teams to further validate the data in context of the original agreement.

Reduce total cost of ownership using AI-powered corporate legal document extraction

iManage RAVN Extract leverages the single iManage RAVN AI engine and search index and provides capabilities for advanced integration between iManage applications.

A robust API enables extracted data to be exported into other reporting formats for integration with your organization’s existing systems.

iManage RAVN Extract is used in a wide variety of industry solutions including: Lease Agreements, Contract Analysis, Due Diligence and ISDA CSA’s

iManage RAVN

iManage RAVN is a cutting-edge AI engine that powers a number of applications to automatically organize, discover and summarize your documents. The iManage RAVN engine delivers state of the art information processing, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and semantic technologies. Adopting a modular approach, the different business solutions plug in on top of iManage RAVN allowing all types of organizations to increase efficiencies, increase productivity and mitigate risk.

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