iManage Insight

iManage Insight

Quickly find the information and expertise you’re looking for

When it’s easy to find and access prior work product, firm knowledge and Internet-based research, you can provide better service. iManage Insight helps you locate and analyze information and leverage experts across the organization—fast.

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The benefits of iManage Insight

With so many repositories and systems to search when you’re looking for information, quickly finding what’s relevant is no easy task. We understand. That’s exactly why we created iManage Insight.

  • Quickly locate assets across multiple repositories and locations – and internet sites as well
  • Easily identify internal expertise and subject matter experts
  • Enhance productivity and service by applying knowledge management across disparate systems

Personalized searches for relevant results

iManage Insight personalizes each search to the person’s area of specialization and geographic location, so searches return fewer extraneous results.

You can also automatically map search results to a defined taxonomy, making it easy to sift through large result sets and ensuring that the latest best practice documents are used.

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Build internal communities of information and experts

Based on an understanding of the relationships between experts and the information they interact with everyday, iManage Insight automatically clusters information and people into related groups.

Plus, everyone can keep up with new information relevant to their areas of interest via real-time activity updates and alerts.

Uncover hidden expertise in your own organization

iManage Insight makes it easy to locate individuals across your organization with expertise in specific areas to help with an existing case, project or new business opportunity.

By analyzing time and billing data along with underlying work product and client communications, iManage Insight identifies people who contributed to specific projects, helping to reveal unexpected sources of expertise.

“Fundamentally we’re using iManage Insight as an integration platform. iManage Work contains all our documents, matters, clients and people so we can easily identify the connections between content and present it in context to support our lawyers and our clients.”

–James Kleinig, Technology and Innovation Manager, Clayton Utz

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