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iManage Govern

Govern critical information at every step of the engagement – and beyond

iManage Govern lets you manage your engagement files according to each client’s retention policies, from creation through to disposal—all while ensuring your organization meets audit and discovery requirements.

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The benefits of iManage Govern

Improve governance
by applying retention policies centrally across both electronic and physical client records
Integrated document and records management
through seamless operation with iManage Work
Boost productivity
and reduce risk by taking records management responsibility off your professionals’ shoulders
Manage information in place
without copying to a separate system
Reduce operating costs
by moving inactive projects to a governed, searchable archive

Manage physical and electronic assets for retention and governance – in place

PHYSICAL RECORDS – Ensure access to physical content through an easy-to-use, task-specific dashboard. Track circulation and eliminate lost files with barcode and RFID technology. Reduce cost through policy-driven lifecycle management.

ELECTRONIC RECORDS – Maintain control over electronic assets though easy-to-use capture and organization tools. Manage email, scanned images and other project-centric material in a secure repository.

MANAGE IN PLACE – Manage your content lifecycle without moving it into another system. Effective manage-in-place technology allows policy to be automatically assigned to assets in their current location.

Download iManage Govern Datasheet

See how iManage customers and partners use iManage Govern to meet client governance requirements.

Meet the needs of records managers without burdening the professional users

iManage Records Manager, one of the iManage Govern products, provides advanced records management capabilities that meet the exacting needs of records managers without introducing burden or overhead for today’s busy professional user.  

Retention policies can be applied automatically to physical files, electronic documents or emails. A central interface enables administrators to set governance policies, including trigger events, retention periods and disposition rules, as well monitor and enforce compliance on both records and non-records. Administrators can also apply enhanced retention management functions, such as event processing, review, cutoff and records closing.

Download iManage Records Manager datasheet

Automate your disposition processing workflow

The Disposition Workflow add-on component for iManage Records Manager provides professional service firms with an easy and intuitive way to automate and track the end-to-end process by which content that is eligible for disposition is handled. The component enables firms to operate their records retention policy and reduce the risks, costs and challenges from over retention.

Summary emails for each review task are sent to designated approvers with a link that takes the approver to a web page where a personalized summary of items is given plus a list of all matters, workspaces, electronic folders, electronic documents that have been declared records, and physical media that are eligible for disposition.

Download the Disposition Workflow datasheet

Reduce exposure to cyber security and other data breaches through effective governance policies

The modern professional is generating and accessing content in both controlled and uncontrolled repositories from a range of device types, both inside and outside the corporate firewall. This activity is taking place in a world where cyber-attacks are now everyday events.

Manage the lifecycle of your assets, both physical and electronic, from creation to final disposition, with controlled and defensible destruction at end of life. Good governance practices consistently monitor the amount of information being retained. By reducing that amount, through policy, less information is placed at risk.

Archive finished projects to reduce cost of storage yet retain knowledge value

With iManage Archive Manager, one of the iManage Govern products, develop and maintain a healthy infrastructure with policy-driven archiving. Once a project finishes, move it to another location.

REDUCE COST – Move legacy assets to cheaper storage until policy dictates they can be removed.

REDUCE RISK – Maintain control over sensitive assets that are subject to Legal Holds by creating a secure location with audit trails and policy rules.

BETTER SEARCH – Manage your content lifecycle through policy driven archiving to optimize content for end users.

Download iManage Archive Manager datasheet

Deborah-Gantt copy_BW

“The way we have managed our physical client records has evolved. The volume of data was getting too cumbersome so we began looking for a solution that could integrate with our work product management system. Once we started evaluating products, we began to see the big picture; we needed a system that could manage both physical and electronic documents.”

–Deborah Gantt, Records Manager, Bricker & Eckler

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