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iManage Business Intake Manager

Automated, comprehensive business intake software

iManage Business Intake Manager is a powerful process automation system based on industry best-practices. It is a modular system that leverages a powerful data model to automate your business intake process for efficiency, while preserving your unique workflow. It eliminates the re-keying of data throughout the process with its inherent human errors. It integrates processes, departments and data so you can support changing requirements as they emerge. iManage Business Intake Manager makes your organization more efficient while dramatically reducing potential sources of risk.

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Business intake that evolves as business needs change

Accelerate & improve business intake
Automatically enforce policies, speed up getting business approved and billable, while optimizing attorney time.
Meet changing client demands
Business Intake Manager can change as your business changes, allowing you to adapt your processes with agility.
Accelerate collections; optimize pricing structures
Facilitate faster and more complete collections and ensure pricing is consistent with firm policy and strategy.
Mitigate risk at business intake
Eliminate the risk of taking on work that violates policy or presents a conflict with strategic existing or future work.
Automate labor-intensive manual tasks
Automatic process and risk checking free up staff to focus on higher-value activities.
Improve data quality & governance
Master data ends up in the correct system of record providing an accurate representation of client/matters throughout the entire organization.


Best-in-class business intake used by industry leaders

iManage New Business Intake Manager is used and trusted by some of the largest global law firms across different geographies. iManage brings the deepest domain knowledge and best practices, based on over two decades of experience working on implementations for professional services firms. Built from the ground-up for effective risk management, our product evolves as your business needs change to meet the changing market demands.

At a glance, we offer:

  1. Our team has the longest tenured experience in the Business intake and Conflicts market, since 2006.
  2. 70% of our clients are in the AmLaw 100 with a global rollout.
  3. Very high customer satisfaction rates.

Mitigate risk at business intake, by embedding risk management into the intake process

By embedding risk-management policies, compliance-related policies, procedures and oversight into your business intake process, you can eliminate the risk of taking on work that violates policy, or that presents a conflict with strategic existing or possible future work.

Ensure decisions and key data are provided by the right people, at the right time, with the right information

With codified policies, the quality of information and the validity of your firm’s decisions goes up. You get a faster decision-making process, better risk mitigation and enhanced profitability.

Transform your workflow, reduce costs and get more profitable

At the inception of a client relationship, and while it lasts, your differentiation as a law firm rests with the value that you can deliver for the client through your services. Agility is key in building great client relationships; yet, if you have an old-fashioned business intake process, you won’t be able to act with agility. Outdated systems imply an endless list of inefficiencies, disconnected inquiries, and complex approvals. You can, however, optimize your operations dramatically and live up to serving your clients with agility with a software refresh.

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