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iManage Comply

iManage Comply

Since the enactment of SEC rule 17a-4, firms have struggled to meet their baseline regulatory requirements to retain, make accessible and produce emails and other forms of electronic communications (“eComms”). iManage Comply delivers industrial strength technology for global financial services firms and broker-dealers subject to SEC rule 17a-4 to defensibly capture, hold and produce electronic communications in a highly scalable and secure platform.

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Scalable eComms archiving, reporting and supervision

Secure scalable repository, based on Internet leader best practices.
Reliably ingest and index high volume communications.
Apply Legal Hold effectively across millions of assets.
Respond to time sensitive regulatory requests with robust search capabilities.
Filter out business spam and non-responsive items prior to export.
Easy, intuitive review and supervision interface, streamlines review, approval and escalation.

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Ingest and archive eComms at scale

Robust auditing and reporting capabilities across the entire life-cycle of every archived item from ingestion to disposition, makes it easy for compliance and IT teams to identify potential issues before they compromise regulatory obligations.

Intuitive administrative dashboards, alerts and reports highlight ingestion and indexing issues such as corrupt or encrypted messages that could impact search and policy violation fidelity.

Preserve content subject to legal hold and implement disposition strategies consistent with your records retention policies.

Reduce response time and improve the quality of your responses to discovery requests

Industry leading indexing and search technology reflects the unique characteristics of an eComms archive, resulting in real-time results from even the largest repositories.

Improve productivity and realize substantial savings in down-stream processing and review costs by identifying potential data gaps and filtering out business spam and non-responsive items prior to export.

Streamline and automate supervision processes

Fulfill regulatory obligation to review eComms.

Easy to use user interface minimizes the need for training and supports the well-established lexicon and sampling based flagging methodologies to identify items for review.

Advance flagging capabilities leverage state-of-the art machine learning and analytic functionality of the iManage Comply platform.

Streamlined approval and escalation process significantly improves reviewer productivity.

The data architecture supports alternative supervision workflows such as segregated subject matter expert review.

Open architecture platform enables seamless integration with other modern tools including the leading eDiscovery and surveillance solutions.

“On-premises deployments and hosted vendor managed services are giving way to vendors that offer multitenant software-as-a service (SaaS) models, leverage big data architectures, and invest in analytics.”

-The Forrester Wave™, Information Cloud Providers, Q4 2016

Deploy iManage Comply on-premises or in the iManage Cloud

The iManage Cloud is a modern cloud architecture designed to support the unique needs of professionals. Users can work effectively on high or low bandwidth connections and even when disconnected. iManage Cloud delivers an optimized user experience when working with large files, fully secured and backed-up across a network of worldwide data centers. Proven deployment methodology, annual subscription pricing and rapid onboarding all increase your organization’s agility.

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