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Closing Folders

Simplify your legal transaction process

iManage Closing Folders removes the manual, repetitive tasks from legal transaction management so you can focus on delivering more value to your clients. Through intelligent automation and collaboration tools, Closing Folders helps you run deals with unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and control.

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“Closing Folders streamlines the closing process and enables us to keep track of all the moving pieces. It acts as a one-stop-shop location for the documents in a deal and we are extremely pleased with its ease-of-use.”

-Kate Simpson, National Director of KM, Bennett Jones LLP

Why iManage Closing Folders?

Proprietary machine learning technology automates repetitive tasks like creating signing packages and closing books so you can focus energy elsewhere.
All stakeholders have a single source of truth for a deal. You can easily respond to client queries and track deal progress to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
Improved client service
By reducing time spent performing low-value activities when running deals, you'll have more time for delivering high impact legal advice to clients.
Added value for clients
Clients can access closing documents from any location at any time during the process, easing their peace of mind.



Complements existing workflows
iManage Closing Folders is designed to harmonize with the way you run deals today. Our software conforms to your workflow, not the other way around.
Client Trust
Closing Folders is a pioneer in legal transaction management software. We have handled billions of dollars in deals by the world's largest law firms.
The iManage Cloud platform features the same technologies that the world’s largest cloud service providers use. It’s built from the ground up with Zero Trust architecture.
Closing Folders integrates with iManage Work 10, the industry-leading document management solution, enabling you to automate and govern deals from creation to closing.

How iManage Closing Folders works

Powerful and collaborative closing checklists

Centralized up-to-the-minute overview of all items in your closing checklist. See the status of every version, signature page, and schedule with a quick glance.

  • Intelligent file matching saves you time when uploading documents.
  • Multiple user-permission levels give you complete control over who can access, edit, or share deal materials.

Update your documents with ease

Closing pushed back? Manually making changes across hundreds of documents in a deal can introduce errors. Closing Folders’ variables technology can update your documents across the whole deal with just a few clicks, thus mitigating risks

Compare blacklines in seconds

Access a blackline of a new document version or closing checklist with a single click and email it the opposing counsel from within the application. There’s no need to circulate blacklines along with clean versions. Just upload a clean version and Closing Folders generates a blackline automatically.

Signatures simplified

Upload documents to Closing Folders and our proprietary SignaturesAI automatically detects pages that need to be signed. Our AI based recognition system detects signature pages in any format and any language and automatically assigns them to the right party.

Signing packages both you and your clients will love

Getting 100 documents signed by 5 different people takes a lot of work. Closing Folders simplifies this to a few clicks. You can even send them through DocuSign and watch as executed signatures sync back instantly when your client signs.

Branded closing books on demand

iManage Closing Folders keeps your working documents, executed signatures, and schedules separate until the last possible minute. When everything is final, iManage Closing Folders pulls together all the closing versions in your deal and creates a branded, hyperlinked closing book in seconds. Closing books can be sent to clients directly from iManage Closing Folders within seconds and not months after the closing.

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