Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

Work smarter: AI makes content smarter

iManage transforms how professionals get work done by combining the power of artificial intelligence with market leading document and email management. iManage helps organizations work smarter by exposing AI capabilities in both products as well as features within the iManage product portfolio. Gain powerful information at your fingertips, get more out of your data and add value across the entire enterprise.

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Introducing iManage RAVN

iManage RAVN is a unique content engine that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain new insights and automate routine cognitive tasks. This revolutionary engine can automatically classify, find, extract and predict information from large volumes of unstructured data sets and documents enabling professionals to access the right information at the right time.

iManage RAVN automatically understands the structure of your document, can cluster data based on similar search terms, and extract and analyze key information from large volumes of data. Advanced enterprise search capabilities link knowledge assets to personnel via an integrated dashboard and professionals can train the engine to read documents and extract valuable KPIs. iManage RAVN delivers new forms of cost reduction and competitive advantage to your organization.

iManage RAVN technology

iManage RAVN brings together technologies from the fields of Information Processing and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in a coherent, corporate-ready solution stack. Built on the foundation of a flexible connectivity layer, iManage RAVN contains semantic and cognitive components which are leveraged by a set of three applications, to provide end-to-end management, discovery, analysis, and governance of unstructured corporate data, including the capability to extract and distil information contained within documents.

The integrated schemaless object store allows easy changes to the index and next generation enterprise search technology can learn from previous searches and present the most relevant search results to the user.

Using a modular approach, iManage RAVN works with any data type and can connect to any data source such as file shares, document management, CRM Finance and Intranet systems. The embedded iManage RAVN Security Server provides a unified, security model which respects the security credentials of all enterprise content.

Some of the business problems iManage RAVN has solved include:

iManage Extract

Use Artificial Intelligence technology to automatically read, extract and interpret critical business information from large volumes of documents and unstructured data.

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iManage Classify

Identify, analyze, categorize and tag your corporation's data-turning it into a valuable and powerful business asset and an important component of your information governance initiatives.

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iManage Insight

Search across the extended enterprise to leverage previous work. Analytics identify hidden expertise, and other insights to help you better understand your business.

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“As a trusted adviser and negotiation partner, we wanted to have first hand experience of a leading AI technology so we can advise on how it will change the workplace over the coming years to ensure we’re offering the most appropriate advice to our clients.”

-Ole Møller, Vice President, Djøf

iManage RAVN Platform Advantage

With the iManage RAVN platform, organizations get one technology partner and a world full of opportunities. This single vendor approach reduces total cost of ownership, ensures seamless integration across multiple applications and increases your organization’s ability to respond to rapid technology changes within the market.

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Deploy Artificial Intelligence on-premises or in the iManage Cloud

The iManage Cloud is a modern cloud architecture designed to support the unique needs of professionals. Users can work effectively on high or low bandwidth connections and even when disconnected. iManage Cloud delivers an optimized user experience when working with large files, fully secured and backed-up across a network of worldwide data centers. Proven deployment methodology, annual subscription pricing and rapid onboarding all increase your organization’s agility.

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