Refiling Module

The Refiling Module™ takes refiling out of the hands of end-users and eliminates user-driven or client-side refiling of structural and document metadata and/or security. The Refiling Module helps enforce consistent application of metadata and security policies while preserving audit trails and improving the performance of WorkSite Servers.

Unique differentiators/features

  • Allows the metadata and/or security on documents to be refiled as they are added to, or moved between, folders or WorkSpaces
  • Provides comprehensive "compliance" refiling of all WorkSpaces, folders, and documents
  • Allows tracking of metadata and security changes in document history, providing user-visible auditing using native WorkSite capabilities
  • Filters WorkSpaces, folders, or searches by any combination of metadata, security, or parent-child relationships between structures
  • Changes metadata values (search parameters) on searches, if desired
  • Allows security changes to be pushed to all structures and all documents within a WorkSpace
  • Allows documents that exist in multiple folders to have combined security in order to make sure all ethical wall and other security requirements are maintained
  • Allows total control over which metadata fields are changed on documents or structures, when, and why
  • Excludes specific users or metadata changes from history tracking, if desired

Licensing model:

Per User

Target Market:

All WorkSite Users

iManage Solution:

Works With WorkSite 8.X and 9.X

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