iMPrivate® is a leading ethical wall and security management system for WorkSite, utilizing WorkSite's three-tier architecture for maximum safety, functionality and efficiency. This product maintains security on WorkSite documents directly, whether or not they are stored in WorkSpaces, and enhances the functionality of WorkSpace Manager and the Refiling Module for comprehensive security management. iMPrivate allows administrators to define ethical walls that are applied and continuously maintained on documents using any combination of WorkSite metadata, including full-text searches. iMPrivate also provides for a wide array of day-to-day security maintenance operations within WorkSite. iMPrivate also provides for ""soft delete"" functionality, which can automatically hide documents, on a version-by-version basis, that have been marked by users for deletion based on profile metadata. Soft deletion can also be performed based on drag-and-drop operations of documents into ""Trash"" or ""Recycle Bin"" folders if all versions need to be processed in this way.

Unique differentiators/features

  • Secures documents based on any combination of metadata, including full text values
  • Surgically adds, removes, or modifies security without altering other security settings
  • Pulls data directly from external systems to build and maintain ethical walls using WorkSite's three-tier architecture, without having to replicate data from other systems of record, if desired
  • Security sets may be tested before production implementation to see what changes would be made prior to making them
  • Efficiently process all documents in one or more databases
  • Performs bulk security clean-up operations, such as removing disabled user or group ACLs from all documents, to improve WorkSite system efficiency and performance
  • Records security changes in document history, if desired

Licensing model:

Per user

Target Market:

All WorkSite Users

iManage Solution:

Works With WorkSite 8.x, 9.x and 10.x server. Works With WorkSite in the Cloud

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