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Office & Dragon is pioneering Transaction Development: helping lawyers and clients develop bespoke contracts for complex deals efficiently.

Document automation is great for your thousandth NDA, but has limited application to bespoke deals with many moving parts.

O&D provides a termsheet-like command centre for creating and editing contracts, letting you simultaneously update multiple suites of documents, or automatically spin out new documents from previous work. O&D works with any document and continues to work beyond first drafts.

The structured data in the “termsheets” is retained beyond the deal, so deal experience captured therein can be applied to future deals.

Unique differentiators/features

  • Create and edit documents at scale using an Excel instructions sheet
  • Import data from clients' spreadsheets into your documents
  • Preview changes before they are made, and update your instructions on the fly
  • Automatically run redlines of changed documents
  • Save updated documents and redlines in multiple formats
  • Keep documents organized
  • Rename all of your documents at once, like adding - My Firm's Comments to every updated document's name
  • Edit documents on your iManage DMS, and automatically sync new versions
  • Saves your final instructions sheet, so you can easily review your or others' work, or reuse it if you need to edit the documents again, or use it with another set of documents

Licensing model:

Various options available. Please contact us to discuss.

Target Market:

We’re working with top law firms in the UK and US, including some AmLaw top 5 firms. The partners and legaltech leaders that approach us are often upset by large amounts of manual document work that needs to be done during a deal, with clients expecting things to be done instantly. They are frustrated that most of this work is low-margin or even unbillable, and they’re concerned that human error might go uncaught in the rush to get deals over the line. Document automation doesn’t help, because the contracts are bespoke and continue to change beyond the first draft. These firms are using Office & Dragons on deals in practices like Finance, M&A, Real Estate and Investment Funds. For example, a couple of associates in the real estate practice found a mistake in 300 mortgages they’d drafted... on closing day. They were able to fix all 300 documents in under an hour with O&D, averting disaster and closing the deal on time. In another example, a paralegal on an aviation finance deal using O&D was able to cut 79% of time on document work, helping his team get the deal over the line on an otherwise impossible timeline (full customer story here:

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Legacy and Universal API integrations available

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Office & Dragons Ltd

Office & Dragons Ltd

Office & Dragon is pioneering Transaction Development: helping lawyers and clients develop bespoke contracts for complex deals efficiently.