Legatics is an intelligent deal platform, accessible from a user’s web browser. The platform transforms the way in which repetitive and mundane legal tasks are managed by automating transaction workflows and provides all parties, including clients, with transparency over their transaction. Legatics acts as a central store for key deal documents, keeps track of their statuses, allows other lawyers and counterparties to upload documents directly to the platform, and, at the end of the deal, produces a transaction bible (or ‘closing set’) at a few clicks of a button. The software displays the live status of the deal, provides real-time visibility over progress and summarises the actions each party needs to take next. The software speaks the same language as lawyers and accurately captures the nuanced ways in which legal transactions are run. 


Unique differentiators/features

  1. Allow teams to deliver more: Legatics’ core modules optimise and automate core transaction processes, dramatically reducing the time junior lawyers need to spend performing administrative tasks. For example, with the import tool, a junior lawyer can generate a smart checklist for managing conditions precedent in a few simple clicks. This has led to resourcing savings of up to 75% on complex transactions run by leading international firms.
  2. Close faster: Legatics’ system of automated workflows cuts out dead time in transactions, enabling approvals to be obtained quicker and deals to close sooner. Use of Legatics eliminates the need for time consuming all-parties calls and has resulted in major, award winning deals reaching financial close in half the projected time.
  3. Accurately captures legal practice: Legatics’ team is packed with former transactional lawyers who have spent thousands of hours ensuring that the software captures the nuances of legal transactions. At Legatics, we realise that it is one thing to create useful legal technology and another for lawyers to actually use it. Our detailed understanding of how lawyers work and the translation of that into our processes and UI has meant that the software sees great adoption rates within firms.

Licensing model:

Per matter, batches of matters, firm wide licence

Target Market:

Law firms, in house teams managing transactions


Over 50% of Chambers and Partners top banking and finance firms global-wide, The transaction management teams of large corporates

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Legatics is a fast-growing London-based legal technology company packed with former transactional lawyers. The Legatics platform provides law firms with an online deal platform to improve the efficiency and client experience of legal transactions, transforming traditional legal processes into simple and highly automated software that frees lawyers of administrative tasks.

Daniel Porus, Luke Vancliffe-Davis, Sorcha Boyce