EUC Insight Business DIscovery

The use of spreadsheets, models, Access databases, Python, R, SQL, SAS scripts and other End User Computing (EUC) tools continues to proliferate rapidly due to fast changing market conditions. EUC errors can lead to business losses, regulatory penalties and reputational damages that can run into hundreds of millions of dollars. EUC Insight Discovery scans your network to automatically create an inventory of high-risk files, identify errors, and generate an enterprise data lineage map.

Unique differentiators/features

Scans iManage systems to find Excel spreadsheets (and other file types) to create an Inventory of your high risk files - any type of financial calculation which if it were to be wrong could cause your company financial, market or reputational

Licensing model:

Priced per project, subscription or on a perpetual basis

Target Market:

Any organisation that relies upon Excel spreadsheets. From Finance teams, to cost calculations, to pricing models: the software can discover them in both the iManage system and on regular windows files shares (and SharePoint and other cloud solutions).

iManage Solution:

iManage 10 compliant

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CIMCON Software UK Ltd

CIMCON Software UK Ltd

CIMCON Software provides the industry's most comprehensive Model and end-user computing (EUC) governance and control software - from storing an Inventory, to automated discovery, risk assessment and analysis to monitoring, versioning, approvals and security. Add to the above XLAudit, our Excel specific software that makes it easy to find & fix spreadsheet errors, and you have a complete solution for controlling your models and EUCs.

Will Heffernan

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