TEC Import

The TEC Import tool allows users to import data from outside iManage Work from USB flash drives, CDs, DVDs and network drives directly into Workspace without the need for an admin user. The imported data can be placed directly into an existing workspace, or a user has the option of generating a new workspace.

Unique differentiators/features

TEC Import gives clients a powerful tool to simply bulk import files into iManage and quickly apply consistent metatags across similar content.

Licensing model:

One-off purchase, no ongoing maintenance required

Target Market:



Pemberton Greenish, Byrne & Partners

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Partner information

Tiger Eye Consulting Ltd

Tiger Eye Consulting Ltd

Tiger Eye are specialists in Work Product Management, supporting law firms and other professional services organisations with their Document, Email and Knowledge Management needs. As leading iManage Partners for Knowledge and Technical Expertise, Tiger Eye offer a full range of solutions and services for digital asset management – from consultancy and project management to out-of-the-box software, custom development and technical support. Having been iManage Partners for over 15 years, Tiger Eye are known for their technical knowledge and in-depth understanding of the iManage system. More than just a trusted iManage Support Partner, Tiger Eye are leading iManage Implementation Partners, Integration Partners, Technology Partners and iManage Training Partners. With this, Tiger Eye have managed numerous DMS projects for an array of clientele, providing ‘expertise, from the team that listens’. Tiger Eye's comprehensive range of solutions and services for iManage includes: • Blueprint for Knowledge Management • Template Manager • Send and Sign: The DocuSign integration for iManage • Migration Suite • TEC Archiver For more information, visit the Tiger Eye website.