nQueue's InfoRoute is the most powerful and versatile scan solution for the legal market and the only one that supports unlimited, complex workflows with speed, accuracy, and simplicity.  InfoRoute allows firms to automatically capture, process and deliver scans directly from their multi-function devices. InfoRoute combines a simple user interface with a powerful document routing platform for a tightly integrated solution and can scan directly to iManage.

Unique differentiators/features

Customized workflows for any business process. Projects can now be paused between scanning and routing—this allows for built-in QA or for the scraping of information for the filling of forms on the fly.

Streamlined, Unlimited Workflows
Everything is organized to make scanning simpler and more efficient. This includes an amazingly clean interface; users can see all queues in a single view. With express scan, users can run a pre-created workflow with a single button.

Architected for speed and power
Active directory integrates data from other firm resources. Load balancing increases scalability and speed. Works across any MFD platform, flatbed and desktop scanners.

Not all OCR engines are the same
InfoRoute is built on the latest ABBYY engine. ABBYY helps us deliver the smallest file size, faster (more than 1 page per second) and with 20,000 fewer errors per box.

Licensing model:

Per User

Target Market:



Law Firms

iManage Solution:

Worksite 8.5 through the current version of Work

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nQueue lives to make the legal industry more efficient and successful. For more than 25 years, we have focused entirely on solving the workflow challenges facing law firms. Our sole purpose is to develop technology that improves your profitability, turbocharges your workflows and lets you focus on what you do best. Our Solutions We provide document scanning, routing and cost recovery for law firms of all sizes. With nQueue’s cost recovery software you can capture data to maximize recoveries, make better decisions and proactively reduce costs. InfoRoute, our document scanning and routing solution, allows you to capture, format and route data in less than a second per page. Enhanced workflow solutions let you unlock the value from information so you can run your business more profitably. nQueue provides software-based solutions to more than 35 percent of the largest 250 law firms in the United States, seven of the top 20 in the U.K., seven of the largest 35 in Australia, and five of the Top 10 globally.