Doxly transforms legal transaction management by allowing legal teams and their clients to collaborate, manage, and accelerate every stage of the deal process. Closing deals is a complex process where attorneys must manage the negotiation of large document sets, complete critical tasks and generate hundreds, if not thousands, of signature pages. Doxly helps streamline the closing process by displaying each law firm’s standard checklists. Doxly retains the workflow attorneys already use, while enabling them to be more productive by automating the most tedious parts of managing deals. Doxly captures the exchange of every version of every document and allows users to take notes and establish tasks to move the negotiation process forward. This allows all of the parties to collaborate on the transaction. Doxly has also re-imagined the signature process for law firms. Signature blocks can be created once rather than hundreds of times, pages are formatted automatically for each signer and signature packets are created without ever printing or scanning a single page. Attorneys and clients can always see the signing status in real-time, helping accelerate the closing process. Doxly helps attorneys get deals done.

Unique differentiators/features

  1. Doxly’s closing checklists provide a real-time view of documents throughout each stage of a deal. Teams can easily collaborate on documents, track versions and changes, manage document and folder level permissions, and monitor post-closing deliverables with Doxly’s workflow tools.
  2. Doxly’s Signatures Simplified solution allows attorneys to build signature blocks, pages and packets; send and track for each signatory – automatically. This centralized solution reduces time spent on administrative tasks by 53%. Create closing books in a few clicks resulting in a time savings of over 80%.
  3. Doxly’s insights and reporting features provide instant insight into how deals are staffed, help manage attorney’s bandwidth, and unlock valuable data from transactions with customizable reports to capture deal term trend.

Licensing model:

Annual Subscription - Priced Per Deal

Target Market:

Legal – Transactional Attorneys

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